Outlook 2007 : How to obtain Proxy addresses using Outlook Object Model (for an ExchangeUser Object)?

Earlier i had a requirement, how to obtain Proxy addresses for a specific user programmatically'; also they preferred to do this by using Outlook Object Model API.

Please Note:

  • The ExchangeUser object does not directly expose the proxy addresses for the user.
  • However, you can use the PropertyAccessor object to obtain the MAPI property PR_EMS_AB_PROXY_ADDRESSES.
  • This property is a multi-valued string property that contains all the foreign addresses for a given user.

Here is a simple code snippet, which returns an array of strings containing the proxy addresses for the ExchangeUser object passed as a method argument.

private string[] GetProxyAddresses(Outlook.ExchangeUser exchUser) 
    const string PR_EMS_AB_PROXY_ADDRESSES = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x800F101E"; 
    if (exchUser != null) 
        return exchUser.PropertyAccessor.GetProperty( 
            PR_EMS_AB_PROXY_ADDRESSES) as string[]; 
        throw new ArgumentNullException(); 

Hope this helps.

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