Windows Mobile: Windows Live Mesh Tech Preview for Windows Mobile 6.x

I am using Windows Live Mesh for a while – even i forget to carry my pen drive, now a days i don’t care whether i work on my PC or on my Windows Mobile. Thanks for Live Mesh for helping me out to change the way, that i work!!

With Live Mesh, you can synchronize files with all of your devices, so you always have the latest versions handy. Access your files from any device or from the web, easily share them with others, and get notified whenever someone changes a file. Working on one computer, but need a program from another? No problem. Use Live Mesh to connect to your other computer and access its desktop as if you were sitting right in front of it.

Live Mesh is as easy as sync , share , and access. It is a great service that lets you sync devices or store it online from where you can access them from anywhere. It’s currently available as a tech preview and if you’re signed up you can sync multiple devices across. Last time, when i logged into the Mesh Official page i found the team released Live Mesh for mobiles as well. Currently it support Windows Mobile 6.x.

If you want to access then you have two ways to go -  (1) login to (2) by logging into your Mesh Desktop and trying to add a device.


For devices using Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1

Option 1:Install the software directly to your device

Go to from your device browser to download and install this software.

Option 2:Download the software to your PC and connect your device

  1. Download and save the Live Mesh installer to your PC. Click here to download the installer
  2. Connect your device to your PC using Windows Mobile Device Center, and copy the installer onto your device.
  3. From your device, locate the installer using File Explorer and open the file to begin installation.

When you have installed the software onto the device, it will appear with all of your other devices in the device ring.

For all other devices:

Use from your mobile browser to access folders and the latest news in your mesh.

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