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Microsoft introduces “Click-To-Run” technology for downloading trial and purchasing. For people who want to try or buy Office 2010 on existing PCs, Microsoft is unveiling Click-to-Run, a new and enhanced download experience for consumers.


  • Click-to-Run makes it easier than ever for customers to try or buy Office digitally by significantly reducing the time and effort required to download Office 2010 over the Internet.
  • Click-to-Run automatically downloads and installs any software patches when connected to the Internet, helping people maintain and keep their Office software up-to-date.
  • Click-to-Run uses virtualization technology so it allows customers to maintain multiple versions of Office. This enables them to try Office 2010 side-by-side with the existing version of Office.

Video: You can know more this from the following Silverlight video.

In this video. John Jendrezak and Trevor McDiarmid give us a first look at Click-to-Run, an innovative new Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) technology for Office 2010 that  utilizes Microsoft’s streaming and virtualization technology (AppVirt - you learned a great deal about this technology right here on Channel 9...).   It's great to see application virtualization in the mainstream. Note that this is essentially a commercial for the new technology in Office 2010.

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  1. Technologygeek says:

    Seems innovative and something in reality. I remember similar blogpost from your Craig Mundie couple of months ago. By the way, this post is neatly documented (packed with dynamite technologies for breakthrough) with related information & video. Good job, Deva Gnanam .J. This may act as eye opener and a great blogpost for first time onlookers, for many of us.

  2. Deva [MSFT] says:

    Thanks for reading the blog and the comments. Indeed a new way which promises great download experience.

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