Outlook UI Issue : Could not install the custom actions

Recently i run into this issue with Windows Server 2008 (x64) & Outlook 2007 SP2 (online – which had earlier Cached mode, later changed back to Online) machine. Whenever i tried to open a message or create a new one, i get this error message - “Could not install the custom actions. The object could not be found”. Later i tried to have a  look(bugging) into my machine. I found it’s because of the corrupt forms cache.

I fixed the issue like this.

1. Close Outlook.
2. Under C:\Users\ find the folder for the user who's experiencing the problem.
Note: Make sure under the Tools, Folder Options menu that system files are not hidden.
3. Go to \AppData\Local\Microsoft\FORMS, and delete the file FRMCACHE.DAT
4. After clearing the FRMCACHE.DAT, restart Outlook.

This steps resolved the issue!! Happy Outlook troubleshooting!!

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  1. Syrian Soft says:

    DeVa, Thanks for posting this fix, a quick google saved me hours. That was the problem – exact issue. This fix worked like a charm. Well done – simple, but strong, valuable documentation.

    p.s.-sorry for my pour english!!

  2. Joel says:

    thanks, worked perfect, problem cleared. Thanks for your help! 🙂

  3. J. Manuel says:

    DeVa, Thanks the fix. had to google it a few times to find this page but now it is working like a charm, Thanks!

  4. Shannow says:

    Quick fix, all done. Shame I wasted 15 minutes on support.microsoft.com before doing a Bing search of the internet.

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