OOM : How to get SMTP address using OOM?

Earlier we(programmers) use CDO or MAPI to retrieve the real SMTP address (like user@domain.com) of Exchange account. But with the new object model, retrieving the SMTP address of Exchange account is much easier; it’s as simple like the following steps: 

  • Get the ExchangeUser object by using the GetExchangeUser method
  • From the ExchangeUser, retrieve the PrimarySmtpAddress property.

FYI, i have enclosed some of the relevant properties and objects, which can helps us to do more…

  • AddressEntryUserType:
    Returns the type of address entry. You can use this property to distinguish between Exchange address and non-Exchange address. For Exchange addresses, use GetExchangeUser and GetExchangeDistributionList methods for getting more address details.
  • PropertyAccessor:
    Returns a PropertyAccessor object that allows you to access other properties.
  • GetExchangeDistributionList Method:
    Returns ExchangeDistributionList object that provides more information about Exchange Distribution List.
  • GetExchangeUser Method:
    Returns ExchangeUser object that provides more information about Exchange address entry.
  • GetContact Method:
    Returns a Contact object for this address entry

    Hope this helps!!

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