Migrating CDOEXM based custom applications

As you know Collaboration Data Objects for Exchange Management or CDOEXM is used to create applications that manage Exchange servers, databases, public folders, and user mailboxes. It provides the fundamental Component Object Model (COM) classes and interfaces that are used to manage the Exchange store.

From Exchange 2007 onwards…

From Exchange Server 2007 onwards you can’t use the CDOEXM functionalities, because Exchange Server 2007 doesn’t include CDOEXM i.e., CDOEXM does not ship in and is not supported by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. CDOEXM that runs on Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003 computers cannot be used to manage computers that are running Exchange 2007.

So what will happen to my existing application which uses CDOEXM…any replacement in Exchange Server 2007?

Well, in Exchange Server 2007 onwards you can use Microsoft Exchange Management Shell (EMS) commands that work with Exchange replace CDOEXM in Exchange 2007. It is easy to migrate applications that use CDOEXM to Windows PowerShell commands. The Windows PowerShell commands that control Exchange 2007 servers, storage groups, databases, and users are simpler to use than the corresponding CDOEXM APIs; but it won’t be a straight forward migration though…

You will have to redesign applications that were created by using CDOEXM to use Exchange Management Shell. Consider redesigning custom applications as early as possible, as starting from Exchange 2007 and its future versions of Microsoft Exchange not contain the CDOEXM API.

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