Microsoft Windows : I’m a PC, aren’t you?

Many people started murmuring what is this new stuff, "I'm a PC"? what is this all about.

Even i got the following excerpts:

"... if you're a PC, you belong to one of the world's most diverse communities, connecting across countries, cultures and technologies. Explore this PC Gallery and see what individuality looks like on your screen. You can also record and upload yourself, becoming part of this site and appearing in online ads across the world wide web.

Where you connect to a global community of more than a billion people and nothing comes between you and a world of ideas and opportunities. With Windows on your mobile phone, PC, or the Web, walls begin to disappear—at home, at the office, and anywhere in between. You can balance work and life as well as fun and functionality. And with a wide range of software, services, and devices to choose from, your technology can be as unique as you are. That's Windows. Life without walls..."

Later I found that Microsoft launched the next phase of a long-term Windows marketing effort, with the tagline “Life Without Walls.” Key to the new initiative are TV and online spots called “I’m a PC”, which feature both real people celebrating their connection to the community of one billion Windows users worldwide. Windows users can join the community by uploading their own “I’m a PC” videos on and some user videos will be show on digital billboards in New York’s Time Square.

The “Life Without Walls” theme was introduced via a set of print and out of home ads which show how multiple Windows devices connect seamlessly, across PCs, phones, TVs and other devices. See the Image Gallery for sample print ads.

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