Exchange Server 2007 : Do you know what is Calendar Concierge?

Exchange Server 2007 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 seamlessly improves the reliability of calendaring by introducing the "Calendar Concierge", a suite of new calendar improvements.


This suite includes,

  • Scheduling Assistant:

It allows you to schedule meetings faster through an intuitive color-coded interface. Simply, the Scheduling Assistant makes scheduling a meeting a breeze!

  • Calendar Attendant:

It helps ensure the reliability of calendar items. In addition to making scheduling more efficient, Exchange Server 2007 makes the calendar more reliable with the new Calendar Attendant.

  • Resource Booking Attendant:

The calendar improvements in Exchange Server 2007 affect not only individual schedules but also the scheduling of resources, such as rooms, projectors, and televisions. It automates resource management, such as conference rooms, projectors, and televisions.

Together, the elements of the Calendar Concierge the Scheduling Assistant, Calendar Attendant, and Resource Booking Attendant make scheduling a meeting easier and more reliable than ever before.

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