iPhone : Microsoft helps connect Apple iPhone Users to Microsoft’s Exchange Server ?


People today depend on being able to stay in touch no matter how close or how far away they are from the office or home.

For businesses, that means a host of challenges to make sure their communications foundation is secure, reliable and accessible across many mobile devices – from notebooks to PDAs and smartphones.

Microsoft has been helping companies overcome those challenges and streamline their communications infrastructure with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and the popularity of Exchange Server 2007 among corporations has influenced many mobile device makers to support Exchange right out of the box.

Today, Apple announced it plans to join the list of mobile device makers that offer built-in support for Exchange mobile e-mail, licensing Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for the iPhone.

For a detailed information, please find the following article, which was represented by Terry Myerson, corporate vice president for Exchange, talks to PressPass about the importance of the new agreement between Microsoft and Apple to offer built-in support for Exchange on the iPhone, and the increasing popularity of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 among mobile professionals.

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