Outlook Programming Series # 11 : How to create Outlook Preview Handlers in Outlook 2007 ?

Welcome to Outlook Programming series  # 11

In this series, we will learn "How to create Outlook Preview Handlers in Outlook 2007 ?".  First we'll know what is Preview Handlers and where it can be used, along with a downloadable sample.

What are Preview Handlers and where it's used?

Preview handlers are called when an item is selected to show a lightweight, rich, read-only preview of the file's contents in the view's reading pane. This is done without launching the file's associated application.

To know more about preview handler, please read more in this detailed MSDN article.

Preview Handler - Sample:

  • Martijn Hoogendoorn inspired & created a Shockwave Flash preview handler and available in this wonderful article along with installer sample. Basically, it's just a plain UserControl which hosts the ActiveX wrapper for the player. It works from both Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista.

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