Exchange Server Development Technologies – Series # 1 – Exchange Rules

Welcome to Exchange Server Development Technologies - Series # 1  

In this series, we will discuss about the Exchange Rules. This topic provides information about using Exchange Rules to develop messaging applications. 

  • Exchange rules are typically used to specify user-defined actions that are to be performed on messages that arrive in folders of the user's mailbox.

  • In addition, it is possible to use a set of predefined rules on Public Folders 

  • Exchange Server uses rules on mailboxes and other folders to automatically execute actions on objects in the folders.

  • You can use rules to develop applications that carry out predefined or custom actions, even at times when the application is not running.

  • Rules can be performed on the Exchange store (server-side) or on Microsoft Outlook (client-side, deferred action rules).

For more detailed information, please find this MSDN documentation.

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