General : How to troubleshoot performance issues in Outlook 2007 ?

Welcome to troubleshooting performance issues in MS Outlook Series - Part 1

Have you face any one of the following issues with Outlook 2007 ?

Whether do you think,

Outlook 2007 is slower than earlier versions of Microsoft Office Outlook ?
Outlook 2007 is slower than expected ?
Outlook 2007 is slower than expected when you access your mailbox ?
Outlook 2007 appears to be unresponsive ?
Outlook 2007 appears to stop responding for a long time ?

Do you know, why do you face these issues?

It might be a performace issue with respect to Outlook 2007. The performance issues may be caused by one or more of the following:

Minimal computer specifications
The latest service pack for Outlook 2007 not installed
Large Personal Folders files (.pst) or Offline Folder files (.ost)
Outlook .ost files or .pst files that are on a Solid State Drive (SSD)
Third-party add-ins
Gadgets (This only applies to Windows Vista)
Microsoft Office Communicator integration
Antivirus software interaction
Windows Desktop Search indexing
Incomplete closure of .pst files or .ost files
POP3 accounts on Windows Vista clients
Many Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds

Please find this wonderful article, which talks how to troubleshoot the performance issues in Outlook 2007.

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