Outlook Programming Series # 5 : How to build an Outlook 2007 Form Region with a Managed Add-In?

Welcome to Outlook Programming series  # 5

In this series, we will learn "How to build an Outlook 2007 Form Region with a Managed Add-In?". I found this wonderful article, wrote by Ryan Gregg, which describes programatically how to build a form region with a Managed Add-in and Outlook 2007 environment. It covers the creation of a sample Outlook add-in that displays transport header information in a form region on e-mail items, along with free downloadable samples...:)

As we know you can create and run forms with form regions without a COM add-in, but using a COM add-in has the benefit of supporting custom business logic or advanced functionality in the form regions.

Note: This article assumes that you have some knowledge of COM add-ins and that you know how to build, deploy, and install a managed COM add-in that is written in Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual C#. You should be familiar with the Outlook object model, and should have at least some basic knowledge of the Microsoft .NET Framework and COM interoperability.

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