Monitoring event sink # 20 – MailMsg COM class

MailMsg - COM Class

The MailMsg COM class represents a message as it proceeds through the SMTP service.

  • The information within the MailMsg object is persisted to some physical location such as the file system using objects and file handles provided by the installed store driver object.

  • The MailMsg COM class is integral to the SMTP service and does not need to be implemented.

  • Transport and protocol event sinks use references to a MailMsg object to access information about the message and the message contents as it proceeds through the service to its final destination.

MailMsg - CoClass 

CLSID : 39b16f50-a8ba-11d1-aa91-00aa006bc80b

ProgID : Exchange.MailMsg

Inproc Server : %SystemRoot%\System32\inetsrv\mailmsg.dll

Available Interfaces:

For more detailed information, please read this article.

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