Monitoring event sink # 20 – MailMsg COM class

MailMsg – COM Class The MailMsg COM class represents a message as it proceeds through the SMTP service. The information within the MailMsg object is persisted to some physical location such as the file system using objects and file handles provided by the installed store driver object. The MailMsg COM class is integral to the…


Monitoring event sink # 19 – SMTPReg.vbs

Are you looking to register the SMTP event sink? Then we need to make use of script called “SMTPReg.vbs”. The following event management script demonstrates using the Server Extension Objects (SEO) to manage event bindings for the SMTP service. Please click here to download the “SMTPReg.vbs”


Monitoring Event Sink # 18 – How to write an OnArrival-type SMTP event sink in managed code (using Visual Studio.NET)

I found this wonderful article talks about “How to write an OnArrival-type SMTP event sink in managed code by using Visual Studio .NET 2003”. It’s an interactive article, with step-by-step ways of illustration to create event sink in Managed environment(.Net). Note: This sample event sink can be used to handle incoming SMTP commands and messages and to process…


WebDAV Sample(s): How to get item property values from Exchange Store

Please find this wonderful article, which talks about “How to get item property values using WebDAV”. This article has good example’s in VB.Net, C#.Net, C++.Net and VBScript.  It talks about, how you can construct the XML body of a WebDAV PROPFIND Method manually. The request is for the displayname Field for a folder. After the request has…


Edge Transport server transport agents – List of agent names, priority and its SMTP events

 Edge Transport server transport agents: Find the list of agent names, priority and its SMTP events. Agent name Priority SMTP events Connection Filtering agent     1 OnConnectEvent, OnMailCommand, OnRcptComand, OnEndOfHeaders Address Rewriting Inbound agent     2 OnRcptCommand, OnEndOfHeaders Edge Rule agent     3 OnEndOfData Content Filter agent     4 OnEndOfData Sender ID agent     5…


Technical Chat – Open XML SDK and Road Map

Technical chat with Eric White (Open XML Technical Evangelist) & Zeyad Rajabi (Office Program Manager) at Microsoft, presenting a quick introduction of the Open XML SDK and the road map. For more details regarding this, please visit and


Outlook Mobile Service – How it works? Advantages? Features?

Two ways to communicate with your colleagues, business partners, and family are e-mail messages and your mobile phone. Both have their advantages, but managing your contacts, correspondence, and appointments by using two different media can be cumbersome. Outlook Mobile Service is a new feature in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 that you use to create and…


How to manage all email accounts with Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007?

Now you can manage all your email accounts with Microsoft Outlook 2003 / 2007? That also free. How it’s possible?  With the Outlook Connector, you can view your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail in Outlook alongside your other e-mail accounts.   Outlook Connector provides a free solution for managing your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail and contacts from within…


Interactive Command reference guide: Outlook 2003 & Outlook 2007

Wondering where the favorite Outlook 2003 commands are located in Outlook 2007? Or just want to explore the rich new design with a little guidance? You’re in the right place. I found this well developed visual, interactive reference guide to help you quickly learn where things are. Click here to learn more


What’s special in Exchange Server 2007 SP1?

This article is for all Exchange users. When we work with our customers, they eagerly want to know differences, new features, comparisons, what were its new and special features, product reviews or comprehension information about Exchange Server 2007, Please find the two useful article, which talks about ‘end-to-end’ richfull features related information: Review the features of Exchange Server 2007 including SP1…