Monitoring Event Sink # 12 – Event Sinks firing order

"Which order the event sinks are getting fired" ?


This is a common question asked by customers, whenever we work event sink related cases. 

  • Take this small example example, when registering for synchronous event notifications, you can set a priority.

  • It specifies when the notification will occur relative to the other event registrations waiting on the same event.  

Registration Priority: Here we need to understand this registration priority

The registration priority can have any value within the ranges shown in the following table:

Priority Decimal value Hexadecimal value
Highest (first to be notified) 0 0
Default 65535 0x0000ffff
Lowest (last to be notified) 2147483647 0x7fffffff


  • Use the decimal value to register the priority.

  • Event registrations with the same priority can fire in any order.

  • Priorities do not apply to asynchronous event registrations.

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