Monitoring Event sink # 7 – Register an Exchange Store Event Script File Using WebDAV in Visual Basic 6.0

I found this wonderful link, which discuss about how we can register an Exchange Store Event Sink using WebDAV in Visual Basic 6.0

Please find the WebDavRegEvent sample shows how to register a Store Event Sink using Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

  • The code uses XML technology to compose and send the WebDAV request to the Exchange Server.

  • The sample does not contain an executable and will require Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft XML 2.0 or later on the computer in order to view and build the project.

  • The sample shows how to register a simple event sink.

  • It does not explore all areas of creating a registration item for an Exchange event sink.

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