WebDAV Status Codes

Important WebDAV status codes:

Please find the important WebDAV Status Codes:

Status Code Meaning

201 (Created)

The collection was created.

401 (Access Denied)

Resource requires authorization or authorization was denied.

403 (Forbidden)

The server does not allow collections to be created at the specified location, or the parent collection of the specified request URI exists but cannot accept members.

405 (Method Not Allowed)

The MKCOL method can only be performed on a deleted or non-existent resource.

409 (Conflict)

A resource cannot be created at the destination URI until one or more intermediate collections are created.

415 (Unsupported Media Type)

The request type of the body is not supported by the server.

507 (Insufficient Storage)

The destination resource does not have sufficient storage space

Complete list of  WebDAV Status Codes available:

Please find the list of status codes returned by the Exchange 2000 Server WebDAV protocol service. Along with each status code or group of codes are the names of associated HTTP methods and a description of each status code.

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