Powershell & cmdlet – In a Nutshell – Part 4 – Verify Autodiscover Service info for Outlook 2007 using "Test-OutlookWebServices" cmdlet

How to verify Autodiscover Service info for Outlook 2007 using "Test-OutlookWebServices" cmdlet:

In Exchange Server 2007 environment, to verify the Autodiscover service settings for Outlook and that has Client Access server role installed or not, we can use of "Test-OutlookWebServices cmdlet". It verifies information for the services like, (1) Availability service (2) Outlook Anywhere (3) Offline Address Book (4) Unified Messaging.

The cmdlet tests for a connection to each service. For example, it requests the availability service for the above user to check the user's free/busy information obtained from Client Access server to the Outlook 2007.

For Example,  "test-OutlookWebServices -identity:sample@administrator.com"

This cmdlet verifies the service information that is returned to the Outlook 2007 client from the Autodiscover service for sample@administrator.com

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