Powershell & cmdlet – In a Nutshell – Part 3 – Identifying Cmdlet

Identifying Cmdlet:

Simple way to recognize the cmdlets by their name format -- "a verb and noun separated by a dash (-), such as Get-Help, Get-Process, and Start-Service"


For example, each cmdlet has a help file that you can access by typing:

get-help <cmdlet-name> -detailed

It will provide detailed view of the cmdlet help file includes a description of the cmdlet, the command syntax, descriptions of the parameters, and example that demonstrate use of the cmdlet.

Still for more information, we can identify that,

  • the "get" cmdlets only retrieve data

  • the "set" cmdlets only establish or change data

  • the "format" cmdlets only format data

  • the "out" cmdlets only direct the output to a specified destination.

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  1. After entry of Exchange Server 2007, there is a famous buzzword called &quot;cmdlet&quot; started revolving

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