Public Folder

Public Folders

They're intended to serve as a repository for information that is shared among many users. Public folders should be used when your business requires data replication to multiple servers. 

Used for

  • Public folders can be used for shared communication, such as discussions through message posts, shared e-mail messages, contacts, group calendars, archiving of distribution list posts, and support for Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP).

  • Public folders can be used for shared content management. Like file shares, public folders can be used to store content, such as documentation. Public folders are also good for sharing content if you do not require versioning and provisioning.

If you require offline storage of information or replicated storage of information, public folders are an ideal repository.

Not used @

  • Public folders were not designed for archiving data. Users who have mailbox limits sometimes use public folders, instead of personal folder (.pst) files, to archive data. This practice is not a recommended best practice because it increases storage on public folder servers and undermines the goal of mailbox limits.

  • Public folders were not designed for document sharing and collaboration. Public folders do not provide versioning or other document management features, such as controlled check-in and check-out functionality, and automatic notifications of content changes.

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