Event sink: Will it sink?

Lets we discuss about Event sink: It will sink?

Just for words, it might be fascinating or it will be funny to hear such remarks. Some guys even crib about that too; but it's not actually. Event sink is one of the strongest feature available in Exchange environment; they're helpful in many scenarios and quite lot of applications wrapped around it.

I have worked with couple of scenarios with Event sink; it can be used to monitor the incoming/outgoing mails, virus scanning applications, stripping attachments, spam filters etc.

So what is a Event sink

It's a piece of code which defines how the server or the computer is to handle the given events.

What it can be used for?

They can be used as spam filters to fire certain actions;

    • act as spam filter

    • to find certain types of attachments

    • can get response to the receipt of an e-mail message with certain characteristics

    • to strip out the incoming/outgoing attachments

    • download the attachments to specific physical folders

    • block the attachments within their org/enterprise level

    • to delete excessive data sent............................................. for more information, please click here

What are the Technologies can we create event sinks:

  • VB Script

  • Managed Sink - Created & compiled in .Net framework

  • C++

Types of Event sinks:

  • Synchronous

  • Asynchronous

  • System

For detailed information, please find @ Matt's blog

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