Submitting Watson Crash inforamtion

Have you ever seen a crash dialog while using a beta product (and maybe even some released products)?  It looks something like this: (I actually had to go back to an old build to find this dialog). However when you see this in Beta2 please make sure to click on the “Send Error Report” button because…


Submitting bugs about migration or setup

When you install and upgrade with OneNote there are log files which are created to help us diagnose problems with the installation process. I would like to give you all directions on how to submit those files to us for analysis. Setup Logs (problems with Send to OneNote Print driver, etc) Start–>Run, type “%temp%” and…


Want to learn more about Office/OneNote 2007?

Want to learn more about OneNote 2007?  Office 2007?  Check out these free learning sites: Office 2007 Learning Portal Which includes: First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System (free PDF download of the whole book!) Microsoft Learning courses like #4625: What’s New in OneNote 2007 Check them out before they go away!


Submitting OneNote 2007 Beta2 Bugs

We here on the OneNote team value your customer feedback and we strive to collect as much as possible.  I cannot tell you how important it is for us to hear your voice about what problems you are having and what you would like improved/fixed.  Now more than ever is your chance to give us…


Introduction & hello

Wow so now I am back into the blogging world and this time it is for work.  Let me tell you about myself, first my name is Daniel Escapa but please call me Dan.  I am a Program Manager on the OneNote team and I wanted to create this blog to get people excited about…