OneNote 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 – compatibility issues

I wanted to highlight some issues developers might have if they try and program against the OneNote 2010 API with Visual Studio 2010. Make sure to reference the COM API and not the .Net API First of all there is an issue with the interop assembly that shipped with Visual Studio 2010, it is out…


Windows Phone 7 Office Hub, including OneNote Mobile

I wanted to show a preview of OneNote Mobile for Windows Phone 7:   This is another part of the OneNote on three screen: desktop, browser and phone so we want you to have your notes no matter where you are.  Of course we had OneNote Mobile since OneNote 2007 but this new version will…


Watch OneNote MVP Kathy Jacobs talking about OneNote

Earlier this year we had the Microsoft MVPs in town for the MVP Summit and you can see Kathy Jacobs talking about OneNote: You can get more info from Kathy here: Thanks Kathy!


Info about OneNote 2007 update from April 2010 (KB980729)

I have gotten a few questions about what was in the update for KB980729 which was an update for OneNote 2007 published on April 13th, 2010.  This was an update to OneNote 2007 to make sure there was no data loss when you sync your notebook on a SharePoint 2010 server.  If you are planning…


Menu to Ribbon mappings for OneNote 2010

New in OneNote 2010 we transitioned our UI to the new Fluent UI (also called the Ribbon) which was introduced in most apps in Office 2007.  Now for most people you will be able to find all of the commands in the Ribbon without any problem, however our user assistance group created these guides to…


Getting OneNote 2010, where to buy/download

In my last post I talked about how we finished OneNote 2010 and I wanted to let you know when you would be able to get your hands on it. For most of you reading this blog you will be able to get Office 2010 in June 2010 when it hit retails stores.  You can…


OneNote 2010 has RTMed!!

There was much celebrating last Friday when Office 2010 RTMed which means that we are done with the Office 2010 release!  We had an epic ship party where we celebrated our hard work and the awesome OneNote 2010 release.  It feels great to be done with OneNote 2010 and you all will be using it…


Office Lab’s Canvas updated for OneNote 2010

I wanted to pass on some news from Nathan Fish and the other folks in Office Labs who have updated Canvas.  Details here: Canvas for OneNote now supports OneNote 2010 and Windows XP.  You can download the new version here: Canvas For OneNote.  Enjoy!


Office 2010 Real Life Stories – Monterey

They just showed this video to us at a team meeting today.  I just had to share since it was so awesome: It is great to see customers using OneNote for a bunch of projects like this.  Hope you enjoy!


Pfizer adopts OneNote for web collaboration

I had to pass on this article which appeared on which is entitled:  Pfizer adopts MS OneNote for web collaboration.  Here is a quick snippet: Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has built its Enterprise 2.0 strategy to roll out web collaboration tools internally on the Microsoft OneNote tool that ships with Office 2007. OneNote is a…