OneNote Afterglow – “I love you OneNote”

I just saw this video was on YouTube and I had to share.  Note that this might not be safe for work (NSFW) so just a word of caution, no swearing or nudity just an “adult situation” : )  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! What did you all think? 


What a great first week please keep the feedback coming!

I can’t believe the tech preview has been out for over a week already!  On behalf of all of the Devs, Testers, & PMs on the OneNote team thank you for testing out the next release of OneNote and Office.  Your feedback, input and bugs are incredibly valuable to us. On our team we have…


OneNote 2010 File Format Information

There have been a bunch of questions about the file format so I wanted to write a comprehensive blog post to cover all of your questions. Key points: OneNote 2010 will fully read & write OneNote 2007 format notebooks, no need to convert a notebook There is a new OneNote 2010 format to support new…


Overview of OneNote 2010 – What’s new for you

David Rasmussen, the OneNote Group Program Manager also know as my boss, has posted a great overview of what’s new in OneNote 2010: David did an excellent job outlining what we have been working on since 2007 and it is just so exciting to be able to unveil these new features for you (our…


What’s new in OneNote 2010 video

Looks like Ayça did a great job showing off OneNote 2010 in this what’s new video: You can see all of them on the new Office 2010 website: or on the YouTube channel:


OneNote included in all Office editions!

I wanted to pass on some of what Ed Bott said about Office & OneNote 2010 in his blog post: Office 2010 makes a splashy (but incomplete) public debut: Speaking of OneNote, it gets elevated to a starring role in this release—and it’s about time. In Office 2007, OneNote was part of the entry-level $150…


OneNote 2010 Technical Preview

Today is a very exciting day because we are releasing the Office 2010 Technical Preview which is our first public debut of OneNote 2010 (and all of Office).  Here are some details, I love thinking in lists so you get a list: Office 2010 is available in 32bit & 64bit The build number is 4006.1100…


Freedom Writers using OneNote to write a book

Looking to work with a bunch of people over large distances to create something?  Use OneNote!  Today at the National Educational Computing Conference Erin Gruwell the founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation gave a keynote where she talked about how the Freedom Writers used OneNote to collaborate and write a book.  Here’s the PR speak…


How to get a Watson bucket on Windows 7

I have a series of posts on how to get Watson crash buckets for Windows XP and Windows Vista so I thought I would update this for Windows 7. If you see a crash dialog like this: Please hit "Check online” which will send us anonymous data about the crash so we can track it…


Vote for OneNote = )

Vote for your favorite!  Lifehacker: Battle of the Desktop Note-Taking Apps: OneNote vs Evernote.