OneNote 2013 Preview is now available

OneNote 2013 was announced earlier today as part of the Office Customer Preview , and we’re really excited to show you what the team has been working on for the last two years. Over the next few weeks, Engineering OneNote will explore each of the changes we’ve made in detail, but for now you can check…


OneNote Mobile for Android now available!!

Yesterday we released OneNote Mobile for Android so we now have OneNote on Windows, web, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Android.  Pretty awesome stuff because we want to be in your hands, pockets & purses so you can always jot down a note and we will remember it for you.  Get the app here: Download it…


OneNote for iPhone updated to 1.3 & native iPad version available!

I just wanted to write a little note about the updated OneNote for iPhone and the native iPad version which were released on Monday.  We have been listening to all of your feedback and working hard to get an update out there.  You can read about the new version here: OneNote for iOS gets new…


Onetastic PowerToy for OneNote 2010

Omer Atay, a developer on the OneNote team, has written a set of tools in his spare time called Onetastic. This PowerToy for OneNote 2010 adds three new features:   The ability to rotate & flip document printouts like Images A chronological view of your OneNote pages (OneCalendar) A clean-up option for an information bar…


“Keep Shopping” commercial for OneNote

I wanted to share a new commercial which should be airing soon which features OneNote.  It is part of the It’s a great time to be a family campaign: Hope you enjoy and if you see it on the air please mention where you saw it!!


OneNote 2010 books coming out soon

I wanted to pass on details that a couple OneNote books are coming out soon and if you are looking to learn more about OneNote you should check them out. First of all is Michael Oldenburg’s book: Using Microsoft OneNote 2010 which is now available for purchase as well as immediate Kindle download (in the US…


OneNote 2010 XML Schema

Following up on yesterday’s release of the C++ header, we’re publishing the OneNote 2010 XSD schema, which should make it easy for you to validate your XML data when reading or writing to the COM API. You can also use it to auto generate classes for native OneNote data structures using Visual Studio , and I’ve…


C/C++ Add-Ins for OneNote 2010

Today, we’re releasing the OneNote14 C++ header file which should make it easy for you to build OneNote add-ins. You can find the header file attached to the bottom of this post. Here’s a quick example demonstrating how you could use the header file to get XML representation of the OneNote Hierarchy .   1.)  Open…


OneNote & Python – using OneNote COM API with Python

I wanted to pass on a few awesome posts by a new team member, Varun Srinivasan, who has been exploring how to use OneNote with Python.  I wanted to share for people who wanted to learn how to connect OneNote with their favourite Python projects: Python, OneNote & You Python, OneNote & You, Pt. 2…