OneNote 2013 COM API XML Schema – OneNote 2013 XSD

Omer wanted to make sure we uploaded the OneNote 2013 COM API XML Schema so customers could get it if you are programming against the OneNote 2013 API.  You can get it here: OneNoteApplication_2013_xsd.  It will download as a text file so please just rename it as an .xsd and then you can view it in your XML viewer of choice.

For earlier versions you can see here: OneNote 2010 XML Schema & OneNote 2007 XML Schema.  Take care and happy programming! 

Comments (4)

  1. Pranab says:

    Could you please explain how mathematical equation equations are written/structured in OneNote?

  2. Troy Pawleska says:

    How do you load this in Office 2013?

  3. tonzi18 says:

    How to change the "make text in image searchable" language settings in it?

  4. Tam says:

    Are there any header files for OneNote 2013 COM API that is readily available?  I'm trying to understand whether or not the HierarchyChange event can be exposed, so that I can listen to the events coming from OneNote 2013.  The Microsoft online developer reference states that the events cannot be added in managed code (…/jj680120.aspx)

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