OneNote sunset…

I was walking back to my office this evening and I saw this & I wanted to share it with everyone:



Some testers on the team put up a bunch of Post-it notes across the windows which spells OneNote.  From the street you can see where different teams are (OneNote, Word, Excel, etc), it is fun tradition we all have. 

Anyhow I just saw this and liked it…reminds me of how Manhattan has Manhattanhenge, I wonder if we will see this shadow throughout the year. 

Comments (3)

  1. Uri B. says:

    You nearly gave me a heart attack.

    Shouldn't use the word sunset in proximity of software brands like that…

  2. Mox says:

    the title had me worried — that Microsoft was going to "sunset" onenote, i.e., retire it.   🙂  

  3. Eric says:

    Um, yeah…that's why I clicked this link, too.  Maybe that was Daniel's intent.  It worked – LOL.  Neat photo, though.

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