Updated OneNote for iPad, iPhone & Android!

ON15 LogoMonday was a great day and we shipped a bunch of new clients out there to the world Smile  It was really awesome to get them out the door and also get your feedback, we are digging through all of the app store feedback, tweets and blog comments, really great stuff so please keep it coming!


Here is a cool launch video I worked on:


For details on how to get OneNote check out the newly redesigned www.onenote.com

Comments (5)
  1. Luke says:

    I like the update! Is there a way to open dics in the new app?

  2. Tim says:

    Onenote is the holy grail of personal knowledge management.

    The ipad app is very polished, a life saver for reviewing meeting agenda/minutes on the go, Bravo!

  3. John Ranalli says:

    For me, a major flaw in the OneNote App is that it does not allow you to connect to a home based network or cloud arrangement where my notebooks are stored.  Are there any plans to expand beyond the current limitation of only connecting to SkyDrive and SharePoint?

  4. Android says:

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  5. Ravi Jangid says:

    The updated version 6 is much better then previous version having touching UI with some additional features. In <a href="http://www.sagacademy.com/iphone-development-training">iPhone Development</a> build a similar app but this version defeat that.    

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