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This post was authored by Olya Veselova, Senior PM Lead on OneNote

Organizing and finding content is an important part of your note taking experience, and we've spent a lot of time this release thinking about how to improve navigation in OneNote 2013. We've also been working on making OneNote better for touch based devices, which have an entirely different set of constraints. It's also important for the UI to scale well  for casual and power users - we wanted to make it easy to get around your content whether you have a single notebook or dozens of them.

 As David touched upon in his earlier post, we now have two modes in OneNote:

  • Normal  View, an updated version of the layout from 2010 designed for mouse and keyboard use
  • Full Page View, a completely new style of navigation designed specifically for touch


Normal View

Normal View is an updated version of the OneNote layout you've always known - pages are on the right side, sections are on top and a list of notebooks on the left.

Notebook Dropdown

In OneNote 2010 the notebooks were shown collapsed in a bar along the left side of the screen , and we realized that there were some shortcomings to that approach: sideways text was harder to read, and the visual layout didn't make the relationship between notebooks and sections entirely clear.  It also wasn't very obvious which notebook was current and the UI didn't scale very well when you had many notebooks.

The dropdown in Normal View will be the default view for most mouse and keyboard users, and the name of the current notebook is displayed prominently next to your sections, so you're never in doubt about which notebook you're in. To navigate to another notebook, you click on the notebook name which brings up the dropdown. The layout also scales well - if you add several notebooks, the icons will be shrunk so that you'll almost never have to scroll.

If you have only one notebook, we don't take up the extra space on the side of your screen - this view is good to use if you spend a good amount of time in each of your notebooks, rather than constantly switching between notebooks.  It is also best suited for notebooks of medium size - without section groups or too many sections - such that your most used sections can fit across the top.


Notebook Pane

Now, if you're more the power user type and you like to switch between your notebooks frequently, fret not - we've updated the old Notebook pane view from OneNote 2010. You can get to this view by clicking on the pin button in the notebook dropdown (pictured below)

When you turn on the notebook pane, we display a list of all your open notebooks and highlight the notebook you're looking at. The pane takes up less space, and wraps your notebook names if they are too long.  This view is great for large notebooks with many section groups and sections.

If you have several sections in your notebook, the bar on top can get filled quite easily and then you have to click twice to get to your section. To make this simpler, the notebook pane also displays a vertical list of sections so that you can get anywhere with a single click.


Full Page View

Full Page View is our minimalist, touch friendly mode that you can get to by clicking on the button in the top right corner of any page. Full page view gets rid of both the ribbon and our navigational chrome, and keeps you content in focus. 

As you can see the layout is very clean, keeping your content front and center while removing all but the most necessary UI elements. The extra whitespace  is really useful for working with wide tables or taking notes next to inserted documents.  It's great for a tablet when you're writing with a stylus, and you won't accidentally go to a different page when your rest your palms on the screen. In fact, if you rotate your tablet to portrait mode, OneNote goes into Full Page View to provide a better experience.

Notebook Dropdown

In this mode, you tap the notebook name in the top right corner to bring down your notebook dropdown.  If you're using a slate, this button will be within easy reach of your thumb so that you can jump between pages easily.

To make our navigation more touch friendly, we brought notebooks, sections and pages into a single 3 column layout. You can tap on a notebook, section or page to preview it instantly in the background and then tap on the page to dismiss the dropdown.  You can also double click or tap or navigate instantly to a particular page,

You can right click any item in here for context menus and drag and drop to reorganize. There's also a shortcut to the search box, and if you're using a mouse, you can take advantage of our new floating page button to insert a new page exactly where you want it:

Editing Notes in Full Page View

You probably also noticed that the ribbon is hidden by default in full page view in addition to our navigation. Users can still edit and interact with content through the context menus, which can be brought up by : 

  • Right clicking with a mouse
  • Selecting and tapping with touch


The layout changes depending on whether you're using touch (pictured above) or a mouse and keyboard. Of course, You can always bring back the ribbon temporary by clicking the '…'  bar at the top of the screen or you can pin the ribbon to have it always appear. 


If you have feedback on any of the changes we've made to navigation in OneNote 2013, please let us know in the comments below. 

Olya Veselova
Senior PM Lead, OneNote 

Comments (70)
  1. Daniel says:

    Please keep the keyboard shortcuts as much as possible.

    For instance I use very often the shift key when clicking on a netbook so that I can choose to go directly to the section I want, instead of the "active" one.

    And I would also want to better navigate around TAGS, there is too much clutter in that pane. I want as many tags as possible to be shown on the screen, not to keep scrolling and scrolling.

    Thank you.

  2. Could we have on first screen the same menu as on screen four. Touch menu is fantastic on Tablet, for keyboard use too. There is plenty of space and when somebody have lots of section it helps faster choosing what you want.

  3. HK says:

    I love all the changes you've made, especially the full page view and Notebook Dropdown, which I am using all the time on my tablet.

    But the "…" at the top does not work most of the time with my Stylus and it's vertically to small to be able to hit it with my fingers. Right-clicking on a selection with the Stylus also does not work at all.

    I also find automatic selection of text with your fingers rather annoying. Why would I want to select text with my fingers? That is almost never the case. The selection circles are too small anyway even if I wanted to (they should be much bigger). The default finger mode should always be panning unless I explicitly choose another mode. The icon for panning is already a hand, so fingers should pan.

    I second Kamil on the Notebook Dropdown in Normal View. It is so incredibly good that it should also be the primary navigation method for the mouse and keyboard. This would also make the UI more consistent because there would be only one navigation method.

  4. varunsrin says:

    Thanks for the feedback Daniel, Kamil and HK, I've passed it along to the rest of the team.

  5. Neil says:

    – Invent a "Favorites", like all browsers have, that would allow you to organize your own list of pages (or even bookmarked portion of a page) into quick pick menu.

    – Keyboard short cuts and right click (context menus)

    – REALLY WANT – Calendaring integration with Outlook (online) rather that the desktop only + other calendaring options within the program.

  6. wu158 says:

    OneNote is one of my must-have software, but for digital note this software, now we he needs far exceed the note itself, proof of the popularity of Evernote is the best! In particular, multi-platform synchronization and the prevalence of smartphones started, figures notes people I hope that it is a personal information manager! OneNote from 03 I have always insisted to the present, some ideas in mind always wanted and OneNote development team reflects and want to reply to and improvements:

    1 exactly like Evernote notes a "label", we usually encounter a note properties can be stored in more than one partition at the same time "label" will give us a lot of help

    2 on Office other file and PDF support enough perfect, we for information of sources not only is through page, for other Office file and PDF is is important of, if can in OneNote in the import export, and view, and edit these file on too Rod has, such as OneNote for table of edit capacity worst, if can directly import or insert xlsx file and in OneNote in the directly for edit or view on too good has, Seem to OneNote2013 will improve this and look forward to!

    3 lack of opposing complete scheduling and task management features, insert a to-do without reminders; task management features through Outlook tasks to complete, scheduling or Conference is also indirect uses Outlook to complete? Don't you think the trouble? Do not think very short Board? Why not let OneNote directly over the schedules, meetings, travel, task, to-do, the matters entrusted management function (edit, view, reminder, more important is the multi-platform sync!!! )

    4 is just mentioned, synchronization for multiple platforms, in addition to the PC port, and editing capabilities for other platforms should also be enhanced! It is impossible for us to sit in front of the computer, hunchback abandoned pen and paper, the only 24-hour is around in smart phones such as Android or Apple, as a "one note" not enhanced multi-platform sync, enhanced editing functionality in the Smartphone version, want you to use?

    5 plugins and templates can provide richer, Evernote's treasure chest is worthwhile!

    Sincerely hope that OneNote will get better!!!!

  7. ankaofis says:

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  8. Great job on the new UI.  I've been using it the last few months and especially love the full screen mode.  Everything is out of the way but still within quick reach.

  9. Travis says:

    any plans for a hierarchy with more levels?  Notebook/sections/pages just isn't enough.  Why not have some arbitrary nesting level?  This would add a tremendous amount of flexibility.

  10. varunsrin says:

    @Travis: You can use section groups to create an extra level of hierarchy for large notebooks. Just right click on any existing section, and you should see an option for creating a new section group

  11. FanaticalOneNoteLover says:

    I used OneNote 2010 extensively, and one of the things I've become accustomed to is leaving OneNote in Full Page View while writing & editing Notes. In this view, the menu bar is still available, though the ribbon is hidden (and I can pin it to visible when I want).

    Nowadays every time I enter Full Page View using F11 or the button I put on my Quick Access toolbar, it also puts me into Full Screen View.  That's an extra click, then, to show my menu bar and disable Full Screen View. I love Full Screen View for side-notes, but not for the majority of my note-making. Is there a way to enter Full Page View without entering Full Screen View as well? There should be.


  12. Ilya Kleyman says:

    Is there a keyboard shortcut to display Notebook Dropdown? Once I enter Full Screen mode, the only way to bring up Notebook Dropdown seems to be to click on the current notebook name in the upper right corner of the screen.

  13. @Ilya – Yes there is a way to pull it down just hit Ctrl-G for the navigation or Ctrl-E to open search and you can navigate to pages just by searching.

    Both of these work in standard view as well.  

  14. Ilya Kleyman says:

    Yes, Ctrl+G from full-screen mode was the keyboard shortcut I was looking for. Thanks, Daniel!

  15. Ilya Kleyman says:

    Is there a way to configure size of an indent in OneNote 2013 (or, equivalently, the number of whitespace characters in one tab character)? I see that it currently is set to 4 whitespace characters, and would like to be able to set it to 2 (or even 1).

  16. @Ilya thanks for the suggestion but currently there is no way to customize the size of the indent.  

  17. Ilya Kleyman says:

    Not all keyboard shortcuts available in OneNote 2013 appear to be documented in…/keyboard-shortcuts-in-onenote-2013-HA102749248.aspx

    Do you think it would be good to add the below ones, for completeness?

    • CTRL+SHIFT+L – apply or remove bulleted list formatting to/from selected paragraph

    • CTRL+SHIFT+O – apply or remove numbered list formatting to/from selected paragraph

    • CTRL+SHFT+F, UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW Apply a font to the selected text.  

    • CTRL+SHFT+P, UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW Apply a font size to the selected text.  

    • ALT+1 – Go to previous page

    • ALT+2 – Undo previous action

    • ALT+3 – Dock OneNote window

    • ALT+F1 – Show list of opened notebooks

    • SHIFT+F6 – Move the insertion point to the Search box to search all notebooks

    • CTRL+SHIFT+F1 – Cycle through ribbon visibility options (Auto-Hide, Show Tabs, Show Tabs & Commands)

    • CTRL+SHIFT+F10 – Same as SHIFT+F10

    • F10 (in Full Screen Mode) – show Ribbon temporarily

    • Alt (in Full Screen Mode) – show Ribbon temporarily

  18. Ilya Kleyman says:

    Are there keyboard shortcuts to close, selectively, Research, Spelling and Thesaurus tabs? Having shortcuts to bring the tabs is helpful, but it appears the only way to close them is to reach the mouse.

  19. Stas says:

    Is there in Normal View way to call Notebook Dropdown as in Full Page View mode (like Shift+Right Click on Notebook in OneNote 2010) ?

  20. Stas says:

    Oh, I found the way to call it: In Normal View press F11 then Ctrl+G – I got what I want. It's too long

  21. Eduard says:

    Please add a feature to make the OneNote remember the last view settings in Full screen mode. Or please make a sticky option somewhere. Everytime I go in Full screen, i have to press "…" and then "Show Tabs and Commands". It's becoming tiresome.

    And also, please add an option to tell OneNote that I NEVER want to send my printouts to multiple pages.

  22. Roger says:

    Is there a way to open One Note in full page view.

    Thank you.

  23. Patrick says:

    I *DETEST* the notebook drop-down and how it replaced my hierarchical view in the left pane.  I organize my notebooks with many nested section groups and sections, and the tabs along the top are confusing and useless for navigating any of my notebooks.

    Yes, after an hour of searching where my notebook/navigation pane went, I finally figured out how to pin the drop-down view so it looks something like the 2010-style.  This was so frustrating and infuriating that I almost uninstalled OneNote 2013 and re-installed the 2010 version.

    The section groupings along the top are still taking up space on my display.  How do I unpin that so I never have to look at it again?

  24. Nathan Ng says:

    Absolutely agreeing with Patrick above.  I made heavy use of the section grouping, as I had a ton of groups in my notebook.  In OneNote 2010 they all appeared on the left in a logical hierarchy.  Now they're all at the top with a "…" to access additional section groups.  This makes no sense.

    The only way to go around this is to use Full Page View's Notebook Dropdown.  Why is this not available in the Normal view's Notebook Pane?

    Why have two completely different usage paradigms in one app?

    Can someone let me know what I can do other than downgrade to 2010?

  25. Nathan Ng says:


    I didn't see the "Pin" icon which basically does what I wanted it to do.

    VOILA.  Sorry for the angry message above.



  26. Chuck Martin says:

    I have always been looking for a way to automatically generate a table of contents (TOC) similar to what can be done in MS Word.  I find this very useful because it provides me a one-glance view of my key headings and to quickly go to any content (e.g. "sub-topic 5 of topic 3 of section 7 of chapter 4") – with one click of the mouse.  Is there anyway to auto-generate such TOC with OneNote (especially as easy to update as MS Word's "update TOC" feature)?

    The most ideal case would be to be able to do this from "all notebooks" all the way down to however many levels of headings one need to use.

  27. Olof TA says:

    I second Eduard's comment above (and the many other comments on the Office forums): OneNote 2013 really should remember whether one has selected the "Show Tabs and Commands" setting in Full Page View mode!

    I pretty much always want the ribbon displayed, as I switch between pens a lot. At the moment, when I am in full page mode, then leave full page mode to view another page, then re-enter full page mode, the ribbon disappears and I have to tell the program again that I want it to be there.

    At the very least it could be a program option whether to have it remembered or not. Or two separate functions: Full Page View vs Full Screen View or something like this.

    I currently have both OneNote 2010 and 2013 installed, and I find myself having to use 2010 because of this issue. Please if someone with the appropriate knowledge could fix this or find a work-around, so that I can enjoy the other benefits of OneNote 2013!

  28. Cliff Fraser says:

    How about including being able to insert 'bookmarks' anywhere on any page that can be linked to using the 'Link' facility?

  29. Marie Empringham says:

    I would like to show revise my notebooks to show at the top, laterally instead of the side.  Can I do this?

  30. Cindy Rae says:

    is there a reason why I would not be able to see the drop down button in normal view?  I have several tabs that only can be seen on the left column.

    at the same time I have many sections that Do show the drop down menu/button so I know that it is "somewhat" working on my system

    thanks for any help you might be able to send my way

  31. OneNoteFan says:

    I LOVE OneNote, but the new Notebook Dropdown and Pane in 2013 is dreadful. The Dropdown is too many clicks to swap between, but the Pane is too wide, and butt ugly. The Pane was much better in 2010 where, if you had short Notebook names, it only took up a third of the size of the current pane. Bad bad design decision guys.    

  32. Nicholas says:

    I am struggling with navigation. I want to use the docked mode, which is identical to the 'full page' mode, but also tells other applications not to flow over the window when maximized. I say identical, but in fact there is a difference- in docked mode the navigation button is removed for some reason! Why is it assumed that you would never need to switch notes, and have other windows not flow over your notes at the same time? The keyboard shortcut ctr-alt-G pulls up the same menu; this is a good start, but I really want a button I can add to the quick access toolbar (or use the same floating button that exists in full page mode) to access the navigation pane, but there doesn't seem to be one. The 'navigation' sub-menu that does exist only provides access to previous and next page, and search. Please give us a button to navigate in docked mode!

  33. Where is the All Notebooks tab says:

    I can't find it and it's surely one of the most used and most needed navigation tools. Please advise.

  34. Madelyn Floch says:

    I am really frustrated to lose the Navigation Bar on the left. My eyes track down much more comfortably than across the top.  It was easy to see and select anything I had and you could hide the bar if you needed the space. Navigation in the new version is terrible and non-intuitive.  I would just like a great big REVERT button, but must use this because it is on our corporate image. GRRR, really frustrated!

  35. John Seiffer says:

    When I first saw the Full Page View, I didn't realize it was a different view of Onenote – I thought that the page had popped out into a separate window. It would be nice if it was a separate window and you could have more than one page in it's own window at the same time and be able to move them around the screen.

    I guess you could attempt that effect by opening more instances of OneNote. But that's a little more complicated.

  36. Teal says:

    Is there a way to customize the OneNote Navigation pane.  I simply want to make the font a little bigger.

  37. Liz says:

    Is there a way to get the vertical scroll bar to appear all the time on a new page…I use OneNote for presentation and when I need more space to write I have trouble getting the scroll bar.  I need it even though I'm not at the bottom of the page.


  38. Steve says:

    Please allow us to show the navigation pane that lists headings as in Word.  Also, could you have a box to check to make the paragraphs in OneNote behave like paragraphs in Word.  Sometimes the ability to type anywhere is useful but most of the time I just want OneNote to behave like Word.  I would use this program to keep all my notes in one place but it behaves so differently from Word that I find the program frustrating.  The biggest improvement in my view is the addition of the Workbooks, the tabs at the top, and the ability to add pages for each tab.  If you did that in Word I wouldn't need OneNote.

    Thank you

  39. Steve says:

    Please introduce the Navigation Pane as it appears in Word that allows us to see our headings on the left side of the page.  I rely heavily on those headings to keep track of items I'm working on and I would use OneNote to store all of my notes in one place but for the absence of a navigation pane.  If is a way to make the navigation pane appear on the left side of the page in OneNote I have not been able to find it either in the ribbon, the help menu or online.

    Thank you

  40. Notebook Pinning says:

    Thanks for the Notebook Pinning tip!  I was literally ready to move to Evernote today because I loved the OneNote 2010 Notebook browse view and find the new tab view much less productive.  Please keep this left sidebar browse view for Notebooks prominent and updated.  I would also like to see it available on the OneNote for Mac client and the iPad Client.

  41. Jon Wooten says:

    Just bought OneNote 2013 and hate the primitive drop down menu to go from book to book. 2010 is much, much better with the left side pane displaying book sections. When you have to switch from pages in one notebook to another constantly, 2013 is a nightmare. 2010 has half the number of keystrokes and twice the functionality.

  42. Jon Wooten says:

    I went through the pinning procedure to get the books and sections column. It's actually worse than nothing because it puts it on the right side, next to the similar pages column, confusing the eye so you have to constantly check which column you are seeing! It should be on the left by itself.

    Is there a way to uninstall 2013 and replace it with 2010 for no charge?

  43. Jason B says:

    Hello, I think there is a bug in the way the View->Normal View and Full Page View buttons work – all of the buttons behave as a toggle, same as pressing F11.  For example, if you are already in Normal view, pressing it again goes to full page, even though it should DO NOTHING.  I'm trying to automate (using keyboard shortcuts and SendKeys) OneNote for multiple monitors where I want it full page view on secondary, and normal on main, but this is impossible since they all behave like a toggle, and the states of the windows depend largely on how it was closed last time.  I shouldn't have to resort to COM programming if these buttons behaved properly.  Please fix, Thanks!

  44. Anya says:

    This sucks. 2010 was so much better.

  45. Marshall says:

    Hi, I cannot access my Ribbon when using one note… it's just not there, is there any thing i can do to gain access to it? thanks

  46. Scotto says:

    The new fullscreen mode is really not "great for a tablet when you're writing with a stylus."  

    If you want to change pens, add white space, or any number of things, you have to go through a cumbersome sequence of clicks to get to the hidden ribbon — and when you're done, the ribbon is hidden again; when you want to e.g. change the pen back, you have to go through the whole thing again.

    Yes, the ribbon can be pinned with the "Show Tabs and Commands," icon, but after various unrelated events, OneNote forgets this setting and rehides the ribbon, no matter what you told it to do.

    So, it's just not true that, "if you rotate your tablet to portrait mode, OneNote goes into Full Page View to provide a better experience."  

    It's a worse experience.

    So please, MS, fix this usability error and remember the "Show Tabs and Commands" setting.

  47. Anita says:

    I'm so frustrated! OneNote opened in Full Page View, which I hate, and I can't figure out how to get back to Normal view. I have no menu or Ribbon. Really not impressed. I use OneNote 2010 all the time and love it, but now have a new laptop with Office 2013 and so far this is almost unusable.

  48. Patrick says:

    Very disappointed with 2013. Just installed it. Obvious the developers have massive screens – why else would they get rid of the sideways notebook names? Why could you not make it optional. Currently it takes too much space on the screen, but if you hide it, it's too many click to switch to different notebook.

  49. Mark Berman says:

    I am truing to create multiple notebooks in one note from one template please tell me how to do this


  50. STeveT says:

    Thank you very much for this post. I've been a avid oneNote user since 2006 and have purchased two upgrades since then — there is just nothing that competes. Okay, Evernote has come a long way but I still prefer oneNote and not just because I have 8-9 years of notes in it. Although it is awesome that it is now FREE, I was pretty disappointed in the new look-and-feel with 2013. In particular losing the tree view of my Notebooks on the left as I do make used of "Section Groups". I did not realize until reading this that clicking the pin icon would bring that feature back for me 🙂

  51. Don Broktrup says:

    I have a new MS Surface Pro 3 which came with Onenote.   It's the new version which has no menue bar at the top as is traditional.   I absolutely HATE it.  Is there any way to get the menue bar back to the top????

    No Power User but not completely dumb either,


    In Pearland, Texas

  52. Bill Clark says:

    Please allow the user to determine what is shown in the full screen mode. Many hundreds of users feel that the "Show Tabs" when selected should be persistent in full screen across app restarts. This right now requires 3 extra clicks. Please fix this oversight.

  53. Ken says:

    When creating a note in the field on a mobile device, is the GPS info tagged in the note, and retrievable later on other devices using the account?

  54. Bill says:

    After I upgraded, I cannot find a way to put Section into list view as before. I have to click Dropdown arrow, scroll down, and click the section I want to switch to. Since I have lots of Sections, and I switch back and forth a lot, this new look actually cause more clicks. Is there any ways I can show Section list on the left, as older version?

  55. Julie says:

    Thank you for explaining how to display notebooks and folders on the left side as in OneNote 2010 – that is a lifesaver.

  56. Pamela Hardy says:

    Will Microsoft ever has the "Notebook View Layout" in either word or One Note like what is available for Mac users? It's boggling to me the view was/has not been created for actually PC owners who chose Microsoft

  57. John D. says:

    I've been a long-time user of One Note 2010 (and previously). The full page view in One Note 2013 is exactly what I need for thinking and writing – less clutter, more space.  I'm buying One Note 2013 right away.

    Navigation features between notes have always been a strength in One Note, and look to be improved in One Note 2013, from what I can tell here.

    The one navigation feature that I really need is within a given note page – being able to see the structure and jump around on the basis of headings and also on the basis of what has been emphasized in the writing (e.g., bold or underlined or italic text).  That is really helpful when you are developing anything longer than one printed page.  Ideally, One Note should be able to scan down a page looking for user-selected features such as bold or italic or underlined text (as well as various levels of headings) and then put those items up in a menu so you can see the larger structure and jump around.  I once wrote all these features into a programmable word processor which I used for a long time until it was no longer practical to run it in today's systems.  I miss these features and would love to have them in One Note.

  58. Abigail says:

    WHY did you waste so much screen space with ginormous icons on the ribbon. And the tabs on the sides? I've got my resolution cranked up, so the text is small, but the amount of vertical space they take up is appalling.

    Shrink those puppies down, so more than 1/3 my screen is actual workspace.

    And don't tell me just to hide them…I want to use them. The ribbon does not need to be 2" tall on my 13" screen.

  59. Neil Anderson says:

    This article assume you are a One Note  developer and is muck to try to decipher.

  60. cort says:

    I'm glad I read this because I thought OneNote was broken when I couldn't see all sections. I like it MUCH better the old way – I have lots of sections.

  61. Jean says:

    I hate it.  It isn't intuitive.  I am lost. I can't do my job because this f___ing program is so hard to figure out. Too many hidden swipes and invisible clicks and bells and whistles to learn the damn thing.  I absolutely hate it.  I can't find the main page.  I've spent hours trying to just get back to the main page.  All of your instructional start on the main page.  None of them tell you how to get out of full screen mode.  Absolutely frustrating.

  62. Michael says:

    Thank you for keeping the ability to show numerous notebooks on the side instead of relying on the new drop-down approach!

  63. frustrated says:

    you took an intuitive product and messed it up.  You are killing me

  64. Jim Walker says:

    I want to rest my palm on the tablet when writing, but one note makes marks where my palm is. Is there a way to prevent this with some sort of palm recognition? Not currently in my version of one note.

  65. E. Torres says:

    Is there a particular reason why your name keeps showing up in certain notebooks in my page versions?  It makes it look like you're creeping on my work.  

  66. Fitch says:

    The loss of the navigation bar on the left is quite extreme.

    With very large projects in play, this has caused a bit of a slowdown on navigation.

  67. S. Rafi Ahmed says:

    How do we turn off the tabs on the top?  Using the navigation pane on the left side of the screen, and that is proving sufficient.

  68. naraphim says:

    In full screen mode there is a user interface element in the upper left of the screen used to navigate the notebook. I really dislike that I cannot hide it. I only want to see a blank page with my notes on it. I know where the tab is if I want to access the ui. Please allow me to hide it. Minimal ui means zero ui.

  69. marwerno says:

    OneNote is still too much focused on touch devices.

    When I am on a PC with a accurate pointing device I do NOT need spaces around certain fields.

    I have about 45 notebooks open. The scrolling in the Notebooks pane is just too much. Why can't I chose to display smaller Icons? (Why need the icons at all? See tabs in Excel!)

    Also the colour options: Come on: The few colours you offer for colouring the notebooks are partially very similar and not very outstanding. I want to be able to use bolt colours as well: Bright green, red, yellow etc. Not these very, VERY boring pastel colours…

    At least, if you insist on these boring default colours, let me chose my own colours!

  70. Leigh says:

    Is there currently an optional setting to display your current open notebooks in alpha order on the Navigation pane?

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