OneNote Mobile for Android now available!!

Yesterday we released OneNote Mobile for Android so we now have OneNote on Windows, web, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Android.  Pretty awesome stuff because we want to be in your hands, pockets & purses so you can always jot down a note and we will remember it for you.  Get the app here:

Download it from the Android Market app store today!

And read about it here: OneNote Mobile for Android is now available worldwide.

Comments (12)

  1. Jason says:

    This makes me very happy. Not as happy as I'll be after switching to WP7 but for now, it'll make living in the droid world better.

  2. Chris McIlveen says:

    Any plan to release it on Blackberry Playbook?

  3. Su pompaları says:

    its verry good article, thanks

  4. Mark says:

    Although I am happy that MS finally released OneNote, the app does not work on my PanDigital e-reader/Tablet, which is an Android-based device!  It does not make any sense to me!

  5. Kerry says:

    Thank you. But… please support the native (two finger spread) zoom fuctionality that works everywhere else on my phone.

    Many of my documents are to small too read on my ThunderBolt.

  6. I would be careful. I'm loosing notes in OneNote

  7. I'm loosing a lot of my notes that I've stored in OneNote

  8. AMS says:

    How do you save login data? Having to enter it again on each start defeats the purpose of the application (that is, to quickly take or retrieve notes, right?)

  9. magicshoot says:

    How soon will we be able to see password protected sheets in Web Apps and in the iPad App?  Is this capibility going to be in future updates?  If so, how soon?

  10. eric larson says:

    Great app, hopefully will get better in time… great to browse and display notes, terrible, imo, for editing.

    Please add touch zoom support and INKING!

  11. Alex south says:

    Thanks for your helpfull post, i will follow you.

  12. hussaib says:

    How do you zoom in? Im confused cuz its just not letting me zoom no matter what i try on this app.. Pleae help

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