Onetastic PowerToy for OneNote 2010

Omer Atay, a developer on the OneNote team, has written a set of tools in his spare time called Onetastic. This PowerToy for OneNote 2010 adds three new features:


  • The ability to rotate & flip document printouts like Images
  • A chronological view of your OneNote pages (OneCalendar)
  • A clean-up option for an information bar alert in multi-page printouts


If you use your notebooks to manage your to-do list or as a repository of miscellaneous thoughts, you'll find OneCalendar extremely useful for looking through your usage history. It's helped me discover more than a couple of tasks that got buried in my extensive Unfiled Notes section.


You can learn more about the tools on Omer's website, or you can download them from here. If you have any feedback, please let Omer know in the comments below!




Comments (2)

  1. Mary Branscombe says:

    excellent! and it shows creation rather than modification date – that's so useful, thank you! Tiny suggestion for OneCalendar; it's showing years for notes that are before the first version of OneNote is available – maybe not show any years before the date of the first note I have? (or does that mean I have a note with a crazily wrong date?!)

    I think you can tell by the number of exclamation points that I like it; huge OneNote fan

  2. Omer Atay says:

    Mary, thanks for the suggestion for OneCalendar, I didn't worry much about at what date to start the years, it could actually go to any date as it doesn't take any extra space. For the creation date vs. modification date, it actually shows the page in both if they are different. Anyway glad to hear that it was helpful.

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