Update available for OneNote 2010 – Fixes OCR & Search issues

Today we released a non-security update for OneNote 2010, here are the details from the Microsoft Office SE blog:

A non-security update for OneNote 2010 32-bit/64-bit Editions was also released.  This update provides fixes associated with displaying search results, fixes to optical character recognition (OCR), indexing, and displaying of inserted documents.  Additional information can be found in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Update for Microsoft OneNote 2010 (KB2493983). 

We heard a bunch of people mentioning this on the OneNote Answers Forum and we were able to figure out the problem and get a fix out for you all.  We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage all users to upgrade today to fix up any issues you might have.  Thank you much and please let us know if you have other concerns/issues! 

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  1. Hi Dan,

    I was one of those people complaining about the search on the form, and I was pretty stoked that MS was putting out an update. Lo and behold, after the update, searching for text in printouts no longer brought me to random locations in my page! Yay!

    Unfortunately, the update hasn't really fixed the issue. I've been asked to test out Office 2010 for my Med School, which is evaluating whether or not to upgrade next year's incoming students to 2010. So I've done a bunch of experiments to see how well the update has been working, and sadly the problem seems to have been masked, but not fixed with the most recent update.

    I printed out several powerpoint slide decks from our class and searched for key terms that were clearly marked on the slides. Here's what I found:

      1) I did NOT experience the pre-update problem in which search terms brought me to random points on the page and did not actually highlight the term. Super!

      2) OneNote could not find a lot of words in the document that were large, in standard fonts, and even on white backgrounds.

      3) To give ON the benefit of the doubt, I printed at high res (1200×1200) to try to spur on the OCR. No dice.

      4) Disabling and re-enabling text searching of all the slides allowed me to search all the text in the document perfectly. This was the fix we had to use before the update.

    In a public SkyDrive folder, I've posted a OneNote notebook that demonstrates the issue. It contains a PowerPoint file, a OneNote printout of the PPT slides before re-OCRing them, and then a copy of the printout having disabled and re-enabled text searching (re-OCRing them). I've tagged a page that you can see is not being recognized.

    Click to open the notebook in OneNote:


    Click to open the notebook in Web browser:


    To test it out, search for the word "correlate", which only appears on a page that seems to be missed with the printout. You'll notice that it is not found on the raw printout but is found in the re-OCRed page.

    Thanks for listening. Overall, I love OneNote, but this search problem has really caused me (and others) a lot of grief!!



  2. Want live share session back!!! says:

    It sucks!!!! you guys in onenote 2010 team should be shamed. i know it does't concern anything about security, or scalibility, it 's just marketing strategy. you just want to push skydrive to the market. you didnt consider what your clients really like. the decision to remove live share session and replace with a stupid, slow and hard-to-use share notebook feature is totally a crap!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes onenote 2010 go to a suck level!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the feedback about live sharing sections.  Details about this decision are here: blogs.msdn.com/…/live-sharing-sessions-in-onenote-2010-and-long-live-shared-notebooks.aspx

  4. Student Bob says:

    It seems that some printouts now OCR correctly but some still don't.  I printed to OneNote from Firefox and search works correctly.  But I printed a PDF from Adobe reader and search doesn't work until I disable search on the printout and then re-enable it (to run OCR again).

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