SharePoint whitepaper on co-authoring & OneNote notebooks

I wanted to point out a few links for all of the SharePoint admins & deployment folks out there:


In particular for OneNote I wanted to point out these tips:

OneNote Notebooks

Unlike Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote stores version information within the file itself. For this reason, administrators should follow these recommended practices when storing OneNote notebooks in a SharePoint Server document library:

  • Do not enable minor versioning. This is the default setting in SharePoint Server 2010.
  • If major versioning is enabled, set a reasonable maximum number of versions to store. By default, major versioning is not enabled in SharePoint Server 2010.

If you have questions please let us know!

Comments (3)

  1. Scoobie says:

    Can we have a blog about the web app please? It doesn't seem to work with the iPhone

  2. MikeH says:

    Are there any documents for Sharepoint 2007 or WSS 3.0 and OneNote 2010 available?

  3. Eugene Rosenfeld says:

    OneNote co-authoring works just fine with SharePoint 2007 / WSS 3.0. We use it very heavily for both proposal development and project  management.

    -Eugene Rosenfeld

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