& Brent talking about OneNote 2010

Brent Whichel a technology specialist at Microsoft has a cool screencast talking about OneNote 2010, check it out:

OneNote 2010 from Brent Whichel on Vimeo.

My favourite part is how he says that people either love OneNote or they just haven’t heard about OneNote yet.  I have found that very true Smile

You can see some other cool stuff Brent is doing over at, thanks Brent!

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  1. redteam says:

    Add a third type of person:  the millions of Mac users who can't use OneNote because … that's right, it's NOT ON THE MAC EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.  University lecture halls are a sea of lit up Apple logos on laptops and still, no OneNote.  I always wish that my Mac owning friends could experience the joy of OneNote.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Interesting…but…I just can’t help thinking that some of these OneNote ‘capabilities’ are merely ‘fixes’ for an operating platform that has serious flaws.

    Being able to search an image for text is cool, granted, but perhaps the whole process would be easier if OneNote didn’t default to the pasting-in of images in the first place…

    I would prefer to ‘paste special’ in most situations like this, so that web-based formatting was converted, thereby leaving me with text that is easily manipulated.

    And…I can just use my Sniptool to paste images into any application…

    The collaboration is cool though…

    I do like OneNote, really, I just don’t love it yet.

  3. Annette says:

    This is to cool, future bosses would be impressed

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