Windows Phone 7 Office Hub, including OneNote Mobile

I wanted to show a preview of OneNote Mobile for Windows Phone 7:


This is another part of the OneNote on three screen: desktop, browser and phone so we want you to have your notes no matter where you are.  Of course we had OneNote Mobile since OneNote 2007 but this new version will sync to the cloud and it is pretty sweet.  Anyhow I just wanted to share, now back to work Smile

Comments (3)

  1. Parrotlover77 says:

    Any chance for some Windows Phone 6.5 love?  Maybe even some Android love in the future?  Windows Phone 7 is too iphone-like for my taste so I won’t be getting one.  I need to be able to multitask, cut-n-paste, and tweak!

  2. Dave says:

    I love OneNote, but I’ve found OneNote Mobile 2007 to be deeply inadequate.  I’d love to see some footage and descriptions of the improvements of OneNote Mobile 2010 for WinMo 6.5 so I can decide whether to bother upgrading from 6.1 (I’d rather not) or not as well as whether to buy OneNote 2010 for my desktop.

    If I can’t get decent mobile companionship for my notes, it’s time to find another way to take my notes for desktop and mobile.  I’ve been looking forward to OneNote Mobile 2010 for a long time, and it’s part of the reason I recently got a Touch Pro2 instead of going Android.  I hope they did good.


  3. Dave says:

    Sadly, it appears the 6.5 version of Office Mobile 2010 isn’t as featured as the windows phone 7 version.  About the only additions I can ascertain are the ability to add voice recordings and pictures to the notes (as well as some minor text formatting additions).

    What is missing are folders, sections and pages: the meat of the OneNote experience.  I love PC OneNote, but I need my notes to synchronize across mobile and PC and have access to ALL of them ALL the time.  My incentive to buy Office 2010 just disappeared.  I’ve been looking forward to this release for LONG time, and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

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