OneNote 2010 has RTMed!!

There was much celebrating last Friday when Office 2010 RTMed which means that we are done with the Office 2010 release!  We had an epic ship party where we celebrated our hard work and the awesome OneNote 2010 release.  It feels great to be done with OneNote 2010 and you all will be using it in your daily lives over the upcoming months.  We are proud of this release and look forward to your feedback!

Also at times like this I wanted to pause and thank you all for being loyal customers and for making what we do so rewarding.  It was great to get all of the beta feedback from you all, we love seeing your comments and suggestions.  We look forward to your continued input and letting us know how you use OneNote.

Comments (3)

  1. Simon Willis says:

    Wish I could share your enthusiasm. My OneNote 2010 (all files converted in trust) keeps crashing on opening – usually after a pop-up note from MS "downloading required feature". I have cleared cache and uninstalled Office 2007 and 2010 several times; and re-installed several times and looked at various forums and blogs. Nothing seems to work.

  2. Vijai says:

    My problem is that my COM Add-In is empty and I cannot send anything to Onenote from IE8 32 or 64 bit versions). Googled it and found many other folks have the same problems

  3. Chris says:

    My Ink is still beeing rearraged in a weird way. Has been a BIG Problem since the public Beta and was also added to the official Buglist. Even ON 2007 suffered fom this Bug, even not as often as the 2010 RTM does.

    It happens almost always when writing mathematic fractions or "boxing"/underlining words.

    Sorry, but without a bugfix, ON 2010 is not useable anymore. I can’t afford to have all my notes destroyed

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