Pfizer adopts OneNote for web collaboration

I had to pass on this article which appeared on which is entitled:  Pfizer adopts MS OneNote for web collaboration.  Here is a quick snippet:

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has built its Enterprise 2.0 strategy to roll out web collaboration tools internally on the Microsoft OneNote tool that ships with Office 2007.

OneNote is a note-taking tool that fits within the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

Speaking at the Enterprise Social Media Europe conference at Olympia, Simon Revell, associate director for online collaboration and web technology at Pfizer, said, "OneNote allows users to share information very easily. Within the first year [of deploying OneNote] over 600 people at Pfizer are using it, with very little push from IT."


"This is where OneNote slotted into the strategy, allowing users to create documents, simply by dragging and dropping information into the OneNote window, and sharing it via SharePoint. OneNote helps people move from personal working to team collaboration," he said.

It is great to see how customers like Pfizer is using OneNote 2007’s shared notebooks and I think they will like OneNote 2010 even more since we have added a bunch of shared collab features.

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