Co-Authoring in Microsoft Office 2010

For those of you who use shared notebooks in OneNote 2007 you will love to see what is new in OneNote 2010 in this cool video created by Common Craft.  You can get a taste for some of the new features we have in OneNote 2010 to make shared notebooks more awesome, I will have another post which has more details, but in the mean time please enjoy this video:

You can also see that Word & PowerPoint 2010 has some co-authoring features so you don’t need to deal with the hassle of attachments and conflicting edits.  With Office 2010 this is just so much better with OneNote, Word and PowerPoint.

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  1. scoobie says:

    Wow, the first couple of minutes sounds like the problems I have at work pretty much every day. If only companies would cotton on to the new technology. I live in hope.

  2. Mitigation Elf says:

    If I am understanding this correctly, this only works if you are connected via SharePoint.

    Does this work with SharePoint Workspace (Groove) as well? What about if we use the "Save to SkyDrive?" What about Live Workspaces?

  3. Mitigation Elf – Actually no this will work while connected to SharePoint 2010 and also on Windows Live SkyDrive so it works for consumers & business users.

  4. Ross Mullenger says:

    In December 2007-January 2008, Dave Rasmussen wrote a couple of interesting blog posts concerning options and troubleshooting for OneNote shared notebooks. (see In a nutshell, he didn’t rate SharePoint as a OneNote host: he wrote that "Sync times are much longer on SharePoint", and "More things can go wrong when syncing OneNote notebooks to SharePoint vs syncing to a Windows file share." Does this situation change with OneNote 2010 on SharePoint 2010??


  5. What improvements does OneNote 2010 bring for system-agnostic secure protocols, i.e. FTPS/SFTP/WebDAV?

  6. StewS says:

    While this is a good idea, when I try to use it in yesterday’s beta for a new OneNote notebook, it says that’s not available.  I tried logging into my SkyDrive, but still no luck.  Yet it feels like you’re talking here about it as if the feature *should be* available.

    Should it be working and I just have to perform some incantation?  Or is this feature still TBD?  I don’t mind if it’s the latter, I just want clarity.



  7. Ross – Yes the situation changes quite a bit with OneNote 2010 & SharePoint 2010.  Now when you have your notebook up on SharePoint it will sync just the deltas instead of syncing the whole file up & down for every edit.  Things are much faster and much like the notebooks on file shares.  Also with SharePoint 2010 you can view/edit the notebook in the browser.

    Stuart – OneNote supports WebDAV and we have just made bug fixes in this area, nothing really new except that we sync on WebDAV servers.  As for FTPS/SFTP/SCP/etc these have and continues to not support supported in OneNote 2010.  Of course you can just have a script/process which copies your notebook to some remote share but none of these support locking which we need.

    Stew – The OneNote+SkyDrive work is still being worked on and will be available in the future.  Thanks for your excitment!

  8. Doug says:

    Is there a top-notch tutorial or guide on how to setup up OneNote with WebDAV?  I tried to use a shared ON 2007 notebook with WebDAV and didn’t have any luck.  I don’t know if it was bug related or how to set it up.  Certainly the tutorials/instructions I found on the web were not trivial.


  9. Doug Skranak says:

    how does revision control work in this environment?  Can we get point in time roll backs of changes, point in edit roll back, or specific edits to merge and unmerge changes?

    so basically do we have something like an SCM to manage the documents?  Or would it be more worthwhile to just have a shadow copy running every x minutes?  If something goes haywire just revert versions via VSS?

  10. John Vance says:

    wtf… this video is sooooooo ripped off from the Google Apps video, it’s even the same fricking art style??!

    come on, you can do better!

  11. auto gps says:

    Microsoft office is a great software but unfortunately i have having some problem about it.

  12. Hermann says:

    What if I embed an Excel file or any other file into a OneNote page. I realize there would be no co-authoring per se, but changes to that file should sync across computers, right?

  13. Cristina F says:

    Is OneNote 2010 able to sync well with Sharepoint 2007?

  14. Dan says:

    Yes you can have share notebooks stored on sharepoint 2007 but you won't get te super fast sync times. It will be fast but typically clients sync every 10mins.

  15. David says:

    I try to sych my OneNote 2010 to my Sharepoint 2007 implementation, but it appears to be failing and looking for a login….any thoughts on that?  When I had Office 2007, I did not have this synch issue.

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