Announcing the OneNote 2010 Beta

Exciting day everyone!  We are releasing the OneNote 2010 beta today, so you can try out the newest version of OneNote right now!

Download the Office 2010 beta here:


We are super excited to unveil the work we as a team have been doing since releasing Office 2007 and we hope that you all are excited as we are, David talked about what's new in OneNote 2010 so please check out that post if you haven't already.  OneNote 2010 is OneNote's 3rd release and we have come a long way from where we started in Office 2003 to where we are today.  We are now part of every Office install, we have a web client, a mobile client and a desktop client which is better than ever.  Most importantly we have you all, people who use OneNote everyday in school, at work and at home...we are just so amazed to see how you all use OneNote and how it helps you everyday.  We have been listening to you all and I hope you all are happy with the release.    Hence the beta, now is the perfect time for you to submit your feedback and we will listen : )


That being said you can download the beta here: and try it on your computer right now.  Please remember this is a beta and there will be bugs, hopefully not too many but please report anything you see in the beta.  I will have a post later today outlining how we will be listening to your feedback and submit bugs.  Also over the next weeks I will be posting about the new features and showing step-by-step how they work and why we designed them the way that we have.

Comments (16)

  1. Scoobie says:


    thanks for this news.

    Can you let us know whether and how we should migrate notes and custom tags to onenote 2010?

    If I migrate all my notes now to 2010 format will the file format work ok in the final version when released?

    I think this will be very important guidance for beta users so please do post some guidance

  2. Hilary says:

    Do you mean that we can now actually access a onenote file from a browser? If so, where? This is one of the things I have been most excited about for OneNote 2010!

    I haven’t downloaded the 2010 beta yet because I need to install a larger hard drive (not for the beta, just in general.)

  3. scoobie says:


    I gather , only if you install the beta can you access the notepages from a browers.

    Probably worth installing the beta then just for this.

    Though I am yet to see any reviews of functionality- I bet its really limited in this technical preview.

  4. scoobie says:

    I’ve just read that Paul Thurrott is reporting the Onenote webapp is not going to be ready until final release- Is this true?


    "Office 2010 also includes the first generation of Microsoft’s Office Web Apps

    The current Tech Preview versions of OWA includes feature complete versions of Excel Web App and PowerPoint Web App.

    But Word Web App and OneNote Web App are not feature complete on Windows and won’t be made so until the final version ships concurrently with Office 2010 sometime in the first half of 2010.

  5. andybryant says:

    Hi Dan,

    The Office Mobile suite doesn’t seem to include the OneNote mobile app – just excel, powerpoint and word.  Is OneNote Mobile this going to be available during the beta cycle?


  6. Jan says:

    Found a bug.

    Try to print a word-dokument from Explorer direct into ON 2010. First file works, but trying the second my Computer interrupts and says "not enough memory to proceed".

    Word Documents are about 500kb, Notebook has 2 GB Ram.

  7. Yirm says:

    I read somewhere that OneNote Mobile is only going to require Touch devices and WinMo 6.5.  True?

  8. Adam says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Congrats on the new beta!  I’m still in the process of making the difficult decision on whether to keep my stuff in Evernote (accessible from the web today and accessible from any mobile, even has an Android app!) vs. OneNote (much nice formatting, far superior outlining, etc.)

    But no matter how I decide, I have to say that OneNote is an impressive piece of software that I recommend to lots of friend (especially students!), and it seems that some things are quite nicely improved in the new beta.

    A few things confuse me, though:

    – The system keeps prompting me to install some search thing, but — perhaps because I’m on Windows 7 — it seems that OneNote search is already find-as-I-type on its own.

    – Collision management/detection still seems wonky; not sure if that’s due to the software being in beta or due to the inherent complexities of reconciling multiple changes/additions in a page.

    Oh, and one discovery:  OneNote syncs very nicely across computers using Dropbox… IF you remember to close the app before moving to a new computer.  Otherwise… you get multiple versions of each section.  Ack!

  9. rich says:

    What prerequisites are required for Office 2010?  Do we have to install Windows 7 ??

    Can we simultaneously run Office 2003, Office 2007, and Office 2010 ??  

    I have clients who are running Office 2003 and I must continue to run it to test incompatibilities with it.

  10. Andy – OneNote will be part of Office Mobile 2010 but I don’t think it will be part of the beta release at least not the one which was released this past week.

    Jan – You can report a bug here:

    Yirm – OneNote Mobile 2007 works on WM2003 up to WM6.5.  I am not sure about the requirements of the Office Mobile 2010 suite, you could read here:

    Adam – You can submit bugs & feedback here:

    As for search prompting if you have WDS turned off or if you are on a server platform this might be happening.  I am guessing Outlook will complain about the same thing.  

    If you know of problems with collision please log a but on the Connect site mentioned above.

    Rich – OneNote 2010 will work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2008 Server, and 2008 R2 Server.  Yes you can have older versions of Office with newer versions of Office, except for Outlook.

  11. Tanmay says:

    I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and then installed Office 2010. In the process of upgrading Windows, my non-Onenote printer drivers got messed up and I had to delete all printers to get the spooler service to work. I’m now trying to get the Onenote printer driver to show up again. I’ve tried repairing, and reinstalling Onenote 2010 and Onenote 2007 (I have the two versions of Office running side-by-side) but the printer won’t show up, not will the driver so that I can manually create the printer. Any ideas?

  12. Tanmay says:

    I meant "nor will the driver, so that I …" not "not"

  13. Tanmay says:

    Disregard the previous comment – after rebooting, the OneNote 2007 printer magically reappeared. Now off to see if repairing Office 2010 will do the same…

  14. James says:

    I really do not care about the "web applications" as that would not be useful at all when you are not connected to the network. It would be great to see OneNote 2010 Mobile to support inking on the Professional platform. This is one of the features that is sorely missed. It would great if OneNote 2010 Mobile was available for Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional devices, as purchasing a new phone just for Office 2010 Mobile is not a sound decision.

  15. Brian McIlvaine says:

    How do you install the Mobile version of OneNote 2010? I have the Office 2010 beta, but I can’t find an option to install it, and unlike the 2007 version when I plug in my mobile device I don’t get an option to install OneNote.

    Thank you!

  16. this is the xml i try to use on UpdatePageContent

    from some reason does not work on the 2010 but works fine on the 2007 any ideas ?

    did any one tried to use the 2010 API ?

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16" ?>

    – <one:Page xmlns:one="; ID="{4DBD5F61-29AC-4F45-A443-A1E5E7A59FE5}{1}{B0}" name="Preadmission Assessment" dateTime="2010-02-19T19:50:51.000Z" lastModifiedTime="2010-02-23T23:27:21.000Z">

    – <one:PageSettings RTL="false" color="automatic">

    – <one:PageSize>

     <one:Automatic />


     <one:RuleLines visible="false" />


    – <one:Title style="font-family:Calibri;font-size:17.0pt;color:black" lang="en-US">

    – <one:OE author="dzeplovitch" lastModifiedBy="dzeplovitch" creationTime="2010-02-19T19:51:23.000Z" lastModifiedTime="2010-02-19T19:51:23.000Z" objectID="{E80604A0-C2CC-43F6-B572-90DA17A10E62}{50}{B0}" alignment="left">

    – <one:T>

    – <![CDATA[ Preadmission Assessment





    – <one:Outline>

     <one:Position x="10.0" y="10.0" z="0" />

     <one:Size width="10.0" height="10.0" />

    – <one:OEChildren>

    – <one:OE>

    – <one:T>

    – <![CDATA[ bla bla







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