OneNote 2010 Technical Preview

Today is a very exciting day because we are releasing the Office 2010 Technical Preview which is our first public debut of OneNote 2010 (and all of Office).  Here are some details, I love thinking in lists so you get a list:

  • Office 2010 is available in 32bit & 64bit
  • The build number is 4006.1100
  • Selected tested who signed up should be getting invites later today
  • We can’t wait to get feedback from you all with Send a Smiles and newsgroup posts
  • Thank you much for you interests in OneNote & Office!  I think you will enjoy
  • Note it is a technical preview, I use it every day, I don’t even use Office 2007 any longer, however there are still some unpolished edges that we are still working out


Enough about logistics, what’s new in OneNote 2010?  We have a ton of new features that I am super excited to talk about and over the next few weeks & months we will post stuff on our blogs (mine, John’s, Mike’s, etc).  In due course we will tell you about all of the new features, but here is a quick teaser:

  • Fluent/Ribbon UI, OneNote now has the same Ribbon UI which was introduced in Office 2007
  • Sharing notebooks are so much better, know who wrote what, what’s new to you
  • Improved Search and organization and navigation in the UI is better, helping you find your stuff faster
  • Improved storage and sync
  • OneNote Web App

Exciting times and now we can finally have a dialog with you all about these new features!

Comments (13)

  1. Mike says:

    Can I "Print to OneNote" on a 64-bit machine?

  2. Daniel Escapa says:

    Yes we fixed this in OneNote 2010

  3. Curt says:

    > > Can I "Print to OneNote" on a 64-bit machine?

    > Yes we fixed this in OneNote 2010


  4. Greg says:

    You know what I always thought OneNote would benefit from? A plugin system. Something where I could write addons or Macros to extend the functionality of OneNote. But alas its just pipe dream.

  5. Sam Morris says:

    As a tech director at a 1:1 Tablet PC school, I am a huge advocate for OneNote.  It is amazing, and my mouth is watering with all the 2010 news.  Do you know if decisions on the Tech Preview for Home & Students were sent yesterday, i.e 🙁 because I was not a lucky recipient.

    Hoping to launch Office 2010 with Win 7 in the summer of 2010 with all our Faculty and Students, so sneak peeks will help us prepare.

    Thanks for all your continued great work.

  6. Scoobie says:

    I am confused about when the web app is being launched, and whether you need 2010 or 2007 to sync with it.

  7. Scoobie says:

    I am confused about when the web app is being launched, and whether you need 2010 or 2007 to sync with it.

  8. scoobie says:

    I hope that tag compatability is maintained when you upgrade to 2010 (lets face it the last release ruined many people’s tags even though I pointed this out during the beta testing)

    I also hope the improved syncing now syncs the tag list between machines.

  9. Sam Morris says:

    @scoobie:  In general what is the file compatability for New ON 2010 Notebooks and ON 2007.  Can 2007 open 2010 files.

  10. says:

    @Greg, if you’re wishing for COM addin support, I’d like that too. Btw you can write addins just fine using VSTO 2005 SE or VSTO 3.0 (Visual Studio 2008).

  11. Mike Tholfsen says:

    For those of you who want to sign up for the tech preview, there may still be some spots available.  Go here to sign up:

  12. andybryant says:

    Looks like I’m status:pending for the tech preview.  I was on vacation when the email came out to do the quick survey, and it seems to have been taken down.

    Is it now closed?


  13. i use the pen as a mouse but then type. the input always defaults back to pen, so next time i try to move the cursor it make a pen mark instead. in 2007 the ‘A’  for text held. what to do?

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