How to get a Watson bucket on Windows 7

I have a series of posts on how to get Watson crash buckets for Windows XP and Windows Vista so I thought I would update this for Windows 7.

If you see a crash dialog like this:

Please hit "Check online” which will send us anonymous data about the crash so we can track it down and fix it for you.

If you are beta testing and we ask for a Watson crash bucket number you will want to get it by going to the Start menu and typing “problem reports” and then you will see an item “View all problem reports” like this:


Once the dialog comes up find the crash for OneNote for when this occurred, and double-click to open that problem report.  You will see a dialog like the following (this is from my earlier Vista post):

We are interested in the Bucket ID that you see on the bottom of this screen.  So please send this to us if we ask for more details regarding a crash.  Thank you much!

Comments (1)

  1. Joe Zerafa says:

    There is no bucket ID. Once it crashes it immediately closes. The Crash Dialog does not show up. It doesn’t act how a normal crashed app in Windows 7 runs(app turns gray, and the X button is clickable) only thing that happens is an error message and then it immediately closes

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