Vote for OneNote = )

Vote for your favorite!  Lifehacker: Battle of the Desktop Note-Taking Apps: OneNote vs Evernote.

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  1. moioci says:

    I like OneNote, but the cross-platform compatibility makes Evernote the winner, in my book.

  2. rombaran says:

    I agree with you. Evenote has terrible interface but seamsless syncing with the cloud and crossplatform aplication makes me vote for evernote. The worst news for me is that even OneNote in Office 2010 doesn’t change much in this regard. even the integration with office live workspace is not there.

  3. Nuzrul Haque says:

    Unlucky dude. I watched wityh baited breath as the results came in. I think it’s more to do with Lifehacker readership (nothing wrong with them – Lifehacker is the source for, quick, easy, Free so it’s readership will reflect those opinions/needs).

    We tried Evernote and it couldn’t cut it in a large environment.

  4. Chris Z says:

    I’m torn between OneNote and Evernote today, and it looks like the choice will only get more challenging with ON2010.

    I love OneNote’s polish, better formatting options, organization possibilities with sections and subpages, inter-page linking, and the ability to share and collaborate on notebooks.

    BUT… for my personal use, I can’t beat Evernote because of easy syncing to the cloud (including tags) and the iPhone app.

    Do these things, and there won’t be a reason to Evernote any longer.

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