Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview Signup – T-49 Days

Here is the first word on the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview: 

According to the website it will be out in 49 days : )

You can also sign up to be accepted into the technical preview so you can try out this early build of Office 2010, which we have been working very hard on.  This is so exciting and I wanted to share with you all, if you would like to try out the beta please sign up!  We really want to get feedback from customers like you!

And you can follow them on Twitter:


Comments (3)

  1. roman baranovic says:

    congratulations to great work. how can i sign up for the preview? it is not obvious on the webpage.

  2. Daniel Escapa says:

    The big middle button below the video goes to this page:

    That is where you sign up

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