Microspotting – Like the paparazzi, but for geeks


Recently I have found myself reading a blog called Microspotting which is called “Like the paparazzi, but for geeks”.  I enjoy this blog because you can get to know the people who work at Microsoft better and learn how they got to where they are now.  But recently there has been perfect storm because:

  1. I know a bunch of people featured on the blog recently and it was cool to get know James, Latika, Abbott & Omar better.
  2. I saw Ariel on the bus to work and I went up and talked with her about her site.

I thought I would pass on the link to everyone and also hope to get my free “I am the Empire” t-shirt

Comments (1)

  1. twelvemim says:

    That sounds pretty interesting. I will have check that out.

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