Canvas for OneNote new project from Office Labs

For all of you OneNote fans I thought you might like this new concept test done by Office Labs where Chris Pratley now works.  It is a concept test with exploring alternate interactions and they were using OneNote notebooks to help with this.  Think of how you might organize information on your desk, you know how we have stacks and piles and put things in corners or certain places on our desk?  Well what if we did this with computer as well? 

It is a pretty cool project that the Office Labs folks did a big thanks for Nathan and everyone else over there working on this.
What does this mean for you now?  Try it out!  Canvas for OneNote download and also watch their first videos:

More details and videos on the site: Canvas for OneNote.  Nice work Office Labs folks!

Comments (7)

  1. Daniel says:

    Interesting stuff, I’m playing with it right now. It gives me the feeling that I could use OneNote in giving some quick presentations.

    Nice ideea, I believe visual representations of our information will become the norm in future versions of OneNote.

    Right now, this could function as good testing ground.

    Please give us just a hint of what OneNote Mobile 14 will be like.


  2. Daniel says:

    Just had a great idea: D:

    As we move our mouse over each page’s title in OneNote, a thumbnail representing the content of that page (just like in the canvas) should appear on the right side.

    Just like it happens in Vista when we hoover the mouse over the taskbar. This will help finding visual information easily (pages containg prints, handwriting, photos…).

  3. Warrick says:

    I wish someone had mentioned, before I watched the three videos, got all interested and downloaded it, that it requires Vista. What for? Probably no real reason.

  4. Mlalahoi says:

    I completely agree with Daniel, make a pop-up thumbnail on mouse-over. Otherwise this is great, especially useful for the notebooks where I have pages for employee profiles and also my recipes, both are types of pages that are easily identifiable by a large photo. I hope you keep moving forward with this kind of functionality!

  5. Toby says:

    It would be even more cool with multi touch to manipulate with your hands!

  6. ashish_kole says:

    Canvas seems to work with Windows 7 beta. Currently using it on a X41 tablet. I was able to create a new container, but could not figure out how to delete it.

  7. kapital says:

    I agree with Daniel and Mlalahoi. A pop-up or mouse-over thumbnail preview of a page (or of a .doc or excel file within a page) would be extremely useful.

    Question: is there a way to automatically stack the pages of a multi-page document when printing it to oneNote ?

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