Going to PDC 2008 in LAX?

It has been a _long_ time since I have blogged and I apologise for that, but we have been very busy here in Office and on the OneNote team.  Anyhow if anyone is going to be there please let me know and maybe we could have a little OneNote meet up somewhere near the convention centre one night.  Just a thought if there are enough people there it would be interesting. 

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  1. Daniel ION says:

    I’ve been dying to get some news about the next version of OneNote, but nothing on the web yet.

    Could you please tell me 2 things:

    1. How much improvements and new features will OneNote 14 get, compared to the changes in OneNote 2007 vs. OneNote 2003?

    2. Will the tag system and the sync with the other programs in the Office suite, be improved?

    Thanks a lot,

    OneNote user fan in Romania

  2. Wictor says:

    I’ll be there and I’m dying to get some news on OneNote. I’ve been hooked since beta of the 2003 version.

  3. Paul Ferrill says:

    I’d be interested too.

    E-mail is paul dot ferrill at gmail dot com

  4. scoobie says:

    I can very keen to see the new version too and I hear the online verson beta will be available before the end of the year – is this true?

  5. Daniel ION says:

    seen the screenshot of onenote online.

    very excited.

  6. I’m in Irvine and would certainly go up if I could get a sneak peak at a new Onenote. I use Onenote as a collaborative lab notebook. e-lab-book.com

    would love it if the synching or multiuser in the same notebook was improved 🙂

  7. jrronimo says:

    Not related to PDC at all — I didn’t go or anything. But I wanted to tell this to someone on the OneNote team.

    This exchange just occurred between myself and my girlfriend online:

    Girlfriend: I like one note boyfriend

    Me: I’m glad baby! I like it, too. 🙂

    Girlfriend: I have all my recipes all neatly organized

    I was in the original test for OneNote 2003 and I’m really glad that OneNote exists as a product. So, thanks to you and your team.

  8. John says:

    Is it possible to upload only my collection of OneNote notebooks to my own domain? If so, how might I do so and would this be legal? I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, and the benefits of OneNote online deployment on a massive scale could revolutionize the way we process and share information just like Wikipedia did. As for my (somewhat over-reaching and perhaps impossible) ambitions: I’d like to create a website where a relatively small (around 100 or so) group of individuals can upload their OneNote notebooks onto the site. Each user would have a login and each notebook would be ingrained with a sort of digital watermark (coupled with timestamp), so that intellectual copyright could be (at least to an extent) assured. From this collection of individual accounts and their associated notebooks, I’d like to offer massive cross-notebook searches (e.g. "Nietzsche" calls up John Doe’s freshman seminar notes, Dr. Smith’s book on Zarathustra, Mandy’s PhD dissertation on eternal recurrence, etc.) and, ultimately, one giant notebook with hyperlinks (a wonderful feature that we all appreciate) to individual’s contributions. Organizing the information could prove absurdly laborious, but something tells me that with a group of people governed by a shared passion for a subject it will be more enjoyable than not and result in a comprehensive massively collaborative notebook. Finally, the entire site could be governed by a number of interfaces ranging from wiki-style results to more visually stimulating ones (Mindjet’s Mindmanager could serve as a model for sorting through various search results and ideally the new Windows 7 enhanced window preview technology would allow focused views of these results without immediately redirecting the user). I could go on, but something tells me I’ve exceeded the limits of comments etiquette…

    PS I’m far from a developer, so I would hardly know where to start, but I’d be VERY interested in chatting with you about this. I’d love to have an inside look at the creative development process if at all possible (wouldn’t we all? ;-)), but I’d be thrilled just to get a response: johnbudgick@modernbabylon.com

  9. Go Back about 10-11 blogs and you’ll find all kinds of queries and comments regarding this very thing.



  10. Jeff says:

    When will there be a mobile Onenote for Iphone?  I really don’t want to switch to Evernote as Onenote is working very well.  I switched from windows mobile phone to iphone.  Will MS leave its Onenote iphonr users in the lurch?


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