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Artem Larin sent me a note over the weekend announcing his new OneNote addin called InstantNavigator this is what Artmen says about it:

InstantNavigator is an add-in for Microsoft OneNote that instantly brings you to the notes you want, as just you are typing their titles.

  1. Click the "Go" tool button
  2. Type any part of a note title you wish to go to
  3. As you type, the list is being updated with matched elements
  4. Choose desired note using the UP/DOWN cursor keys
  5. Press ENTER

Don't think WHERE is the note you want to go to, just think WHICH is the note.

You can check it out yourself here:  Looks like the beta is available right now and I hope that more work continues on the project!  Thanks for the note Artem!

What do you all think of this?

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  1. Daniel says:

    This makes the Favorites powertoy obsolete.

    It perfectly illustrates the "type and search" method of Vista Desktop Search.

    Now there is no need to think what are the pages that I need more often so that they are marked as favorites. I just type away.

    Excellent idea! In my humble opinion, this should be built inside OneNote 14.

    Off topic, why doesn’t the OneNote team build a special page where all OneNote evangelists could post their feature requests?

    Thanks. OneNote is the software I use the most.

  2. Artem Larin says:

    Hi there,

    Homepage of this tool has been changed, please visit it: <a href=’‘></a> instead of the old one.

    There is a newer version of InstantNavigator, with supporting a global key shortut (Windows+G) and a lot of minor improvements.

    I hope it’s more enjoyable now.

    2OMG: Vista Desktop Search allows to search OneNote section names (as a files) but does not allow to search inside them, so pages and subpages are still unaccessible with Vista search. So if Microsoft will support indexing inside OneNote section files it would be great.

  3. Daniel says:

    Actually, there is a trick shown my Daniel Escapa himself, that makes Vista display OneNote pages as well.

    However, when one has so many files indexed it becomes a little harder to sort through.

    Your tool is great and I hope you will continue to improve it. If it didn’t had the Win-G shortcut I wouldn’t use it, but now I’m a fan.

    I’ll go and rename some of my pages so they are more relevant 😉


  4. Daniel says:

    I see this add-in has been updated to 0.6. Unfortunately now it takes 2 times as much 700 ms until it opens up.

    When it was at 365 ms it opened much faster and didn’t felt like waiting.

    Please consider speed as the most important criteria (there are people with more pages than I do (1400)). Thanks.

    I have a Core2Duo 2 GHz and Windows Vista.

  5. Vic says:

    Hope you guys have some way of verifying the safety of plugins you recommend.

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