A workaround for no x64 SendToOneNote Print Driver

I just got this from Bruce on the OneNote Test team:

It's not optimal, but it does work. I use it here at Microsoft on my Vista x64 machine.

  1. Install one of the many converter programs that will allow you to output images files when you “Print”. For example, I’ve played with http://www.print-driver.com/howto/msn_pdf_to_jpg.html 
  2. Open your file in the native application (ie Adobe Reader, PowerPoint, etc)
  3. Print to the new printer, outputting to TIFF (multipage color)(the defaults for the example program above work just fine)
  4. Boot OneNote
  5. Insert | Picture and choose the TIFF image file

Done! You can now take notes over your inserted images. I should note that we won’t OCR the images (it uses the same print driver that doesn’t install under x64), so you won’t be able to search for words in the images or copy–and-paste their content. You will be able to take notes over them, view them, and so on.


As David wrote we are aware of this problem and there will be no fix for OneNote 2007 and we plan to address this in the next version of OneNote.  I just wanted to share this with everyone!

Update on 2009-05-05: David seems to have fixed this, detail here: OneNote Print Driver – A 64 Bit Solution, check it out!

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  1. Steven says:

    The UDC doesnt have x64 support. When I download the setup file, it wont install.

  2. Lenny says:

    Yeah, same for me… the installer won’t run… it needs it’s own x64 workaround…

  3. If you have Adobe Acrobat, there is a built-in export feature that one can use to save a document as various formats (inc. TIFF). Or, you can snapshot a part of a PDF document and save it as a picture in a program as simple as Paint.

  4. Nils Kaiser says:

    Found a way to fully restore the "Send To OneNote" functionality. It involves installing a program called Zan Image Printer.

    See http://blog.nils-kaiser.de/?p=5



  5. Erik Sinsel says:

    I really think your team should seriously consider release either a patch or a standalone upgrade to OneNote for this problem.  Many people (like me) purchased OneNote specifically for this functionality – the direct importing of other documents, like PDF and powerpoint, with annotation AND search capability.  This is, after all, (ostensibly) is OneNote’s core competency.  I was not happy when I installed.  64-bit is not new technology, and this really shouldn’t be an issue.

    I can say (and I think I’m joined by many in this situation) that if a new version is released, and I’m required to pay anything significant at all to upgrade my Office 2007 and/or OneNote just to get this capability, I’ll simply spend that money on another product which I believe will have better support (meaning they don’t wait a year or TWO to issue an omnibus release to address core deficiencies).

  6. George says:

    I am having the same problem and fully echo the same comments as Erik.  

    This is not my first compatibility problem with Vista.  I am really starting to have my fill of these issues.  It is obvious Microsoft is having a cultural failure of delivering quality products.

  7. Will says:

    I got my first 64-bit computer in ’06. Athlon 64s were new and I had to use the latest linux operating system. 2 years later, I bought a new computer and this time spent money moving away from linux to vista and away from open office to Microsoft office.

    This is not acceptable. I paid for Microsoft office entirely for OneNote. Everything else I can get open source for free. I am not happy with the general level of unavailability of 64-bit programs in the Microsoft world. The linux guys had this kind of stuff 2 years ago.

  8. Blake says:

    You have got to be f***ing kidding me!  Erik is absolutely right!  What kind of company compromises their customers loyalty by making key fetures like PRINT TO ONENOTE unavailable to users who purchase new products?  I can’t believe that the response to "where is the print to onenote function?" is oh it was just too much work to fix.  We new it was a problem but we were hoping you wouldn’t notice.  I am SO glad I bought this computer from Costco with their 90 day return policy.  One day and I have already run into the customer service and poor business practices that everyone warned me about.  I am taking this headache back and going to buy a Mac.  Everyone told me to do it in the first place, and now I wish I would have listened.  Anyone who reads this before getting a new computer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy a MAC…tons of my medical school classmates have Apple MacBooks and love them.  I can’t wait to join the revolution.  Microsoft is embarassing themselves.

  9. Jim says:

    I too agree completely, this is BS, buy the newest products and expect at a minumum the same features and performance, I too need the print to onenotes and my new computer with Vista 63 and Office 2007 Ultima and what do I get a downgrade not an upgrade!!!  BS!! yes maybe mac is the wat to go!!

  10. Kim says:

    I agree… this is bull.  I thought I was upgrading by getting a new laptop, but the only thing I am upgrading is my headache and stress levels because NOTHING is working with VISTA 64!!!  I PAID to get one note 2007 when I had the previous version – so I could have the OCR recogition and printing version.  NOW your telling me I will have to UPGRADE again just to be able to USE it.  I should have joined the MAC revolution also… M$ sucks with its GREEDY practices!!!!

  11. Chris says:

    Download pdfcreator and send your documents to a PDF file. It’s FREE, I use it on my 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

    http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/  Sadly, it does not support printing DRM PDF files like One Note.

  12. wulin says:

    I think that we digress the discussion. I am looking for solution not complaining.

  13. Bryan says:

    I don’t care if the issue digresses from trying to find a solution.  I bought a new hp tablet pc.  However one note doesn’t work, which is completely unacceptable.  The reason why is because there are very few solutions that are cheap.  Ususally "solution" software puts a big watermark forcing one to pay about $70 to get the fix.  Why should I have to pay for a solution that is not my fault?  I am assuming that Microsoft has known about this problem for a while, because from what I have read, people that have any windows x64 based operating system cannot run microsoft one note 2003 or 2007 edition.  It doesn’t matter if it was windows xp or vista because both don’t work.  It also is really unfortunate because my copy of windows vista x32 disk stopped workin and all I have is the x64.  Also I have tried looking everywhere for a replacement disk without having to by a licence.  If you as me it is a big rip off, because if it is possible for a third party company to give a solution, then Microsoft should be able to make a work arround.  Talk about the biggest rip off.

  14. Will Gilbert says:

    This makes me sad 🙁

    I bought a laptop, bought 4gb of RAM and decided to take a chance and run Vista. I chose x64 so I could make use of all the RAM, and Print to OneNote is not even supported? I am very disappointed by the decision to not support Vista x64 fully in OneNote.

  15. Ray Tittle says:

    I must say that I am very dissappointed in Vista 64. This onenote issue is just the iceing on the cake. I also bought a new notepad pc and found that onenotes worked excellent for taking notes, and frankly became hooked on onenotes. But not being able to use the print to function is a definate show stopper. Fortunately I also have a vista 32 bit machine that I can "print" to one notes from, but I have to pry it away from my wife to use.

    The whole lack of 64 bit drivers is what gets me. My main reason for getting the notepad was to run AirMagnet and do wireless surveys. Alass AirMagnet won’t work either. That was after solving the issue of no pcmcia slot.

    Definately dissapointed in Microsoft’s inability to force the issue in the community.  Linux and openoffice keeps looking better and better, when there is an opensource lookalike for onenotes, I think that will push me completely to opensource. The 2007 gui interface change almost pushed me over, thankfully my work still uses xp and office 2003

  16. Im a proud microsoft advocate and have all the certs to prove it, MCSE etc etc but the lack of support for the 64 bit OS is causing me constant frustration . I have been trying to get RDP 6.1 support for XP X64 for some time and now this new development is just pushing me over the edge. Its hard enough tolerating all the Vista jokes from the media and mac heads out there but when I sell a client that One note is the best thing since sliced bread and install it on their XP X64 machine only to find that a feature that I had shown them when I demod the product on my x32 laptop isnt there is so totally absurd.

    Its Office ‘2007’ , XP x64 came out well before then not to mention Vista X64.

    The argument that X64 OS uptake doesnt warrent the effort to fix this doesnt fly anymore either. I admit X64 wasnt widely used up until 6 months ago but Dell and others are shipping Vista HOME edition in x64 edition to the moms and dads of the world right now . with memory pricing making 4GB and 8GB almost standard on even entry level PCs these days I imagine that without even pushing x64 Microsoft will see that half of their sales are probably x64 within another year and thats well before office 14 goes live.

  17. Mike Southee says:

    Erik Sinsel has said it for me and many others in a clam and clear way.

    Its a shame that R&D guys at Microsoft are left to make business decisions – clearly they will regret this in the long run if they don’t fix it immediately. I’ve been life long for Microsoft but I am now considering changing over to Mac.

  18. Kathy O'Brien says:

    I just bought a Vista 64 computer.  I thought that I was upgrading.  Now I can’t even use One Note.  I am a PhD student and One Note is vital.  I am really tired of Microsoft.  Why would you want to discourage people from buying the latest and greatest?  Bad business practice if you ask me.

  19. Nela says:

    I too use OneNote for school in my Vista64 laptop.  After beating my head against the wall repeatedly about this issue, I have deployed the alternative procedure:

    I use Outlook and Internet Explorer.  Both programs have a "Send to OneNote" option, which I keep in the ribbon.  While the outlook files "print" nicely, I found that the explorer button functions more like cut-and-paste.  It is fast and convenient and will do for me until the update version comes out.  Unfortunately, it does not help with the Word or PDF documents.

    I also think a copy of the next version of one note should be offered to us free of charge. By us, I mean Windows 64 bit/OneNote 2007 users.

  20. Heather says:

    Count me among those that are upset this is missing in x64 install of Onenote. The print to OneNote is one I use often and since it’s missing from my x64 Vista machine I find that I’m hardly using the program.

    Just another in a long line of disappointments from Microsoft.

  21. mahmut says:

    I cannot believe that Onenote printer actually prints out just images. What a waste! I just printed out some .mht files and all came out as images inside Onenote. This is crazy! This is not a printer this is a sloppy programming job to me. Do you really think that  printing any kind of document as images and importing into Onenote as images can be called a printer driver?

    I am totally turned off on Onenote. There are so many free pdf PRINTERS that can spill out any kind of document as PDF without messing up the format and the content.

    Put lacking 64bit driver support on top of this silly printer driver, you end up with an angry customer.

    You know what my solution at the moment? I installed winxp 32bit on a FREE OPEN SOURCE VIRTUAL MACHINE(which does a damn good job btw) to get some of my documents into ONENOTE. And they all turned out as IMAGES.

    This is ridiculous.  

  22. Tim Wallis says:

    I agree with the comments here.  It is unacceptable for MS note to be fully supoporting the 64-bit environment with there Office 2007 product range.  This is a key feature of OneNote and impacts the productivity gains of using a tool like this.  MS should rethink their decission to wait until the next realease to fix this and at the very least issue a MS aspproved solution to ones posted on this forum.

  23. Tim Wallis says:

    Please leave a comment on this forum to ensure MS get an idea of the number of people that are P!’SSED of by this.  Even if the comment just says "ME TOO!"

  24. a student says:

    Can’t we file a class action suit against MS?

  25. Paul says:

    Me Too! And I have 8 machines all running onenote! Three of them are x64. Two of these are my personal systems and I use the print function all the time… I mean used! I just put Windows 7 on my Latitude XT and now I have to reinstall to 32 bit? What is up with microsoft? FIX IT!

  26. another student/professional says:

    I too "upgraded" to x64 and now I can’t use print to onenote?

    Come on MS, these are supposed to be the kinds of products that keep you ahead of the pack, not set you behind them.

    Don’t create opportunities for competitors to steal your fire.

  27. Katherine says:

    So the "fix" is to wait for Office 14? And what about compatability problems between Office 2007 products and an Office 14 product? I really hope that Microsoft releases a fix for OneNote 2007 when they release the other solution.

  28. Katherine says:

    ME TOO — Very pissed off about this.  I can’t believe that there have been no updates to this problem since April 2008.

  29. Catherine Biddulph says:

    Yep, ME TOO.  This is horribly frustrating. If there is a $50 workaround available, then I think MSFT owes all of us x64 OneNote 2007 the $50 to fix it.  

    This isn’t a bug…it’s a feature!  Grrrrrr…..

  30. Cassie Burr says:

    I agree – I’m a poor college student and I just spent all I have on a new computer because my old one couldnt support all the things I do on it.  And now the best feature of OneNote doesn’t work!  I definitely cannot afford another $50 on something that I already paid to have.

  31. Mepeek says:

    Has anyone tried the [windows]+[s] button feature?  It works like a print screen by allowing you to select what you want to print on your screen and it will copy directly to onenote.

  32. mepeek says:

    By the way I really miss the print feature.  This is my second laptop with Vista and my first was a 32 bit (nightmare) and I had the print feature.  Unfortunately too many things went wrong with it and I decided to "upgrade" someone told me the 64 bit was a good way to go.  I thought of going Mac OS and it seemed daunting to think of all the programs I use that may or may not have Mac compatibility.  OneNote and the other office software were a big one.  I did not want to spend a fortune on a Mac and then top it off by buyiind all the software I had over again. I was very disappointed with this feature not getting carried over.  Too much work they say to bring it through on this version.  What aobut the trees.  I like virtual printing.  Now every time I find something I want to print or if I have ordered something and I want to save the record I cannot.  

    But I at least found that the print screen feature would work for smaller on screen stuff.  

  33. mepeek says:

    By the way I really miss the print feature.  This is my second laptop with Vista and my first was a 32 bit (nightmare) and I had the print feature.  Unfortunately too many things went wrong with it and I decided to "upgrade" someone told me the 64 bit was a good way to go.  I thought of going Mac OS and it seemed daunting to think of all the programs I use that may or may not have Mac compatibility.  OneNote and the other office software were a big one.  I did not want to spend a fortune on a Mac and then top it off by buyiind all the software I had over again. I was very disappointed with this feature not getting carried over.  Too much work they say to bring it through on this version.  What aobut the trees.  I like virtual printing.  Now every time I find something I want to print or if I have ordered something and I want to save the record I cannot.  

    But I at least found that the print screen feature would work for smaller on screen stuff.  

  34. Rainald says:

    So many folks write here in a really angry tone.

    I do not understand that. It does help no eine.

    David Rasmussen has explained why there is no printer for Vista available and why it’s not possible to develop a printer for the current version.

    IMHO the users have to accept this. And there is no use in posting angry comments.

    Apart from the workaround posted by Daniel – which causes angry reaction because if the price if the tool – there are other solutions.

    As to my experience the best way is to use the open source PDFCreator.

    Chris posted a link already back in September and I do not understand why are nit just following this suggestion.

    The PDFCreator is really great tool good for 1001 other tasks. I use it often although I have Adobe Acrobat Pro.

    It is really easy to print whatever shall go into OneNote with PDFCreator using the TIFF-Format and have this imported in ON.


  35. Thom says:

    Yeah, add me to the people-who-don’t-help-but-write-in-real-angry list.  It’s shocking to me that a highly used feature like this would not be supported.  I was disappointed in Canon for not having a 64bit driver for my scanner.  But now I understand why they would be reluctant to bother, if MS isn’t doing so.  I really would have liked to have known this when installing the OS, or at least when installing Office.  I’ve been spreading the word about how cool OneNote is, but clearly, OneNote is at risk of being orphaned.

  36. Catherine Biddulph says:

    Yes, very disappointing! I teach very beginning computer students at local community college. I *had* been recommending OneNote as a great aid to staying organized as a student.  

    But now that many if not most new ‘puters are shipping with 64-bit Vista, I don’t know if I can recommend OneNote any longer…and certainly not if they have to purchase OneNote separately.

    Even after 10 hours of my "incomparable instruction", my students don’t have the expertise to work around broken software.  It’s rather sad, really.

  37. peppermint927 says:

    I tried to use the workaround using the link provided at the top of page, and this workaround does not work for Vista 64, I got a message saying that it does not work for Vista 64.  I got a tablet for this whole purpose and am a little disappointed.

  38. kia says:

    MS should either fix it or send us a free copy of next new version of onenote, since they sell this as a cool feature of onenote and never tell us it will not work on 64bit platform. It’s like selling a car with no warranty. it’s lemon.

  39. Katie says:

    Agreed!  I bought a new computer so i could take notes in onenote and download all of my powerpoint and pdfs into it.  And now Microsoft is saying that I can’t because they’re too lazy to fix it?  Gosh, I should have just shelled out the extra money and gone with a mac.  Fix this now, microsoft, or you will see people switching to apple.  

  40. j cary says:

    |I just bought a new HP Touchsceen FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF USING ONENOTE…. and found out it doesn<t work on Visat 64 —- TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE – Microsoft are beyond incompetent and crooks…… bad busuiness… no wait STUPID business decisions… and they will soon go the way of GM and Chrysler is they don’t smarten up…. unhappy clients who just paid over one thousand dollars for something that is a KEY feature and does not work on THEIR operating system… sorry I am usually the most patient person but feel cheated and very upset….. bye bye to a furious customer

  41. Kalafcjm says:

    It would be foolish of Microsoft to expect the support of those whom they have offered none.

  42. Enrique says:

    I found a solution.

    Go to Start search in windows menu.

    Put Windows Journal

    Execute that aplication.

    They are going to ask you if you want to install driver printers. Put YES.

    And you are going to find a printer with the name Journal Note Printer.

    Now with that kind of document you can write and do like noteso similar.

    This works in WINDOWS VISTA 64 too !!!

  43. Michael says:

    What a joke… I just now after hours of trying to "fix" onenote on my new computer that printing to onenote will NEVER work in this version of O/S or Onenote.  

    Why would MS not focus on this clearly critical aspect of using onenote, especially for Tablet users?

    I’m dumping this POS O/S and office suite for my next system or O/S purchase.  

  44. George Espinoza says:

    I had been seriously looking at getting a Mac, but decided to give Windows one last chance. What a dumb ass I was. How can you trust a company that can’t even get their own software to work with their own software. My next computer will definitely be a Mac.

  45. Felix says:

    What a shame for Microsoft… when I thought I had seen everything from them… I bought a new computer, Vista sucks but hey, live with it, no more XP. My new computer, new OS and new Office have less functionality than the one before, can you believe it? Why did I spend $2,000. Guys at MS, don’t complain as Mac keeps eating at your market share, I’m so pissed off, today I installed Office 2007 (TODAY!) and I found about this. I wish I found this forum before. Now I’m stuck with the workarounds.

    As for the people who say complaining doesn’t help, well, if we don’t complain how will MS know that what they’re doing is unacceptable to the general public? We have to complain. It’s a favor we do you guys. Unlike your "favors" it’s free and you don’t need to update your computer or software to read it. See if you ever can do the same.


  46. Dogwood says:

    The recently released fix/workaround from Rasmussen is hopefully helping him sleep better at night, but what a complete nasty messy pig it is.

    1. You have to install an upgrade to .NET to even install it.

    2. Install time, with .NET, is about a half hour, during which your PC is almost unusable.

    3. After the install, your current notebooks are all closed and you’re returned to OneNote’s ‘default’ starting configuration.  

    4. Since the install of his software and the .NET upgrade, my normally fast dual core 2.1 Ghz machine is just grindingly slow.

    5. The process of printing to OneNote via the workaround requires a minimum of nine mouse navigations/clicks. In addition, you have to browse from the Documents folder to the XPS folder on your desktop (every single time you print), arbitrarily name an XPS file that will be deleted minutes later, and select a target section from a flat list of all the sections in your notebook (which, in my notebook, is many hundreds of sections).

    6. Quality of the resulting ‘print’ is extremely poor.

    I cannot do justice to how nasty the user experience is, and I don’t understand why Rasmussen still doesn’t seem to understand the core issue here. We don’t care about all the sexy new features that we know nothing about yet; we do care about the features we used to have and became reliant on. We do care about not being able to get our work done and about being downgraded when we upgrade. Duh!

    I appreciate the time he’s put in to trying to fix this issue, and I understand that he’s in a difficult place after having been party to a viciously bad business and design decision. (I assume he was party to it, and isn’t just an MS apologist.) But to be honest, this particular fix he should probably should have taken to his grave.

    The fact that he manages software development, and thinks that a user will be happy to have to enter between 20-50 (depending on the size of one’s notebook) keystrokes/moves/clicks per print, tells you a lot about what’s gone wrong in Microsoft.

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