Another OneNote blogger: Jeff Cardon’s OneNote Tips & Tricks

Looks like Jeff Cardon is jumping into the fray with his own blog: OneNote Tips & Tricks.  As he writes on his site:

My name is Jeff Cardon. I'm a member of the Microsoft OneNote team and I'd like to share some of the tips and tricks that are available in this fantastic product. This blog is intended to showcase the simple, and sometimes not completely obvious, features that make it such a useful software application. I hope you enjoy it.

Jeff has been a Tester on OneNote since the beginning so he will be able to share some great tips to everyone in the community.  Some of you might recall Jeff's name as the author of many powertoys: OneNote Printout Manager, OneNote 2007 Word Count and others.

I like his first post: Introduction to OneNote Tips (plus Screen Clipping tip), has a good pointer about the screen clipping defaults.  This is something I setup on any new install of OneNote and it works great.  This is a screenshot showing what he is talking about:



I have already added this to Google Reader and I will look forward to new posts of his; welcome to the blogsphere Jeff!

Update @ 2008-04-29: Looked like Jeff changed his blog to a new location:

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